Stony Creek hike (Bellthorpe National Park, Australia)

 photo 16797005_1833468256865298_5309057382053954043_o_zpswgonvxc9.jpg
The sound of cicadas fills the air. It’s humid despite the grey skies. The birds are silent. Perhaps it’s too hot. But it’s not too hot to explore the creek. The great thing about a long hot summer is that we have plenty of rocky creeks to explore.

 photo 16700382_1833467956865328_5116745127318207037_o_zpscvmj6zdg.jpg
I park in the Stony Creek Day Use Area. I used to come here when my son was younger so that he could swim in the rock pool. I haven’t been here in over a decade. I guess in all my distractions I had forgotten this waterhole (and many other local places) existed.

 photo 16707244_1833468200198637_8032366469753018348_o_zpsw4jhzzws.jpg

 photo 16715997_1833467996865324_2835812982758140514_o_zpserenv3yt.jpg

 photo 16797229_1833468406865283_4830389079315204574_o_zpswglw5pbo.jpg

The rock pool at Stony Creek is fed by both Branch Creek and Stony Creek. I decide Stony Creek looks more interesting than Branch Creek so that’s the one I take. I follow the creek upstream for 1.5 hours. There’s plenty of water holes to swim in and admire. This creek is amazing! The water holes are fresh and dark and deep. I almost wish it was sunny so that I could really take advantage of the swimming opportunities.

 photo 16700426_1833468216865302_5727077467954617384_o_zpsf4vjrwph.jpg

 photo 16700233_1833468433531947_5324327680640522775_o_zpsor8v1zkd.jpg

I stop along the way to look at the native orchids and other flora. Not that I know the orchids are small flowers are native orchids until I see a comment when I upload my photos onto Facebook. The flowers are pretty and I like the way they are growing in cracks between rocks.

 photo 16665884_1833468696865254_7624625354738380138_o_zpsvdjsay2n.jpg
The blue dragon flies are gorgeous too.

 photo 16665039_1833468726865251_6649273033940412215_o_zpsaxltbyw1.jpg
The snakes I almost stand on aren’t so gorgeous. The first is a small green coloured snake that slithers away as I walk past. The second is a green coloured snake that rears it’s head angrily at me as I approach. The third is a massive python coiled behind a rock that I am stepping over. I am just lucky I looked down before placing my foot. The snake stayed coiled. It was the biggest python I think I’ve ever seen. The final snake really did my head in. It was another python that was on a rock I was about to descend onto. It was hidden but when I almost stepped on it I screamed and ran into the creek like a fool.

 photo 16665100_1833468586865265_729037139020942738_o_zpsclvz5epj.jpg
I follow the creek up past where it has stopped flowing. The stagnant water in this large pool is stinky. I try to avoid walking through it but can’t. My feet sink into the stagnant mud. I try to tell myself it’s just a part of life and I need to harden up. But I do much prefer walking through the flowing creek on it’s rocky bed with swimming holes.

 photo 16602220_1833468630198594_1419682256306544177_o_zpszkaeybx0.jpg

 photo 16716239_1833468616865262_3901061480977518965_o_zpsqtc1pyun.jpg

Rain forest takes over up here beyond the stagnant pool. The creek bed is wide and rocky but it must only get wet here when it rains. I love walking in the creek bed and could continue all day. But today is my split shift day so I have to turn around when my 1.5 hour alarm goes off. It’s a good practice in discipline to turn around at the designated time. And it’s better to have a limited time out than not to come out at all.

 photo 16601858_1833468076865316_1304170485179514108_o_zpseu1lse4z.jpg
I follow the creek back the way I came, ending my day with a swim in the water hole near the day use area. I’m loving this creek exploration thing I’ve got going on. I wonder which one I will explore next.


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