Noord Brabant


While en route to Lovverstein Castle we take a scenic drive along the Rivers Meuse and Waal and the farmlands of Noord Brabant. My uncle drives us. He knows every tiny byway in the area and we get to enjoy some gorgeous riverscapes that we would have missed on the highway.

We pass my Oma’s line dance gathering in Berkel-Enschot so stop in to take a peek. Oma has been line dancing for 22 years but this is the first time I’ve seen her 80+ year old dance feet in action. She clearly loves it as she trips across the dance floor, feet skipping along to the routines. The atmosphere is serious and concentrated. Club flags in American styling a hang from the ceiling around the dance floor. Men wear hats. Many are American civil war era military hats with gold rope and military insignia. The women who wear dresses look like dressed up versions of Annie Oakley or ladies I might expect to see on a Mississippi River Boat two centuries ago. There’s also other takes on America country culture too like t-shirts adorning Native American imagery and modern rodeo-inspired attire. It’s all a little unexpected here in modern Holland with its fashion-conscious European culture and strong medieval farming history. But the dancers must enjoy it because they keep coming back.

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