And life changes again

Who was I kidding? Working 9-5 in a suit and tie sitting behind a computer dealing as a lawyer is so not me. I have tried valiantly for the past four months but will be finishing up soon to return to a more flexible lifestyle at a slower pace suited to my carefree nature.

I have felt trapped in the pin striped prison and have been simply trying to make the most of what I thought I was supposed to do. But life is too short to lose what I had found. The freedom and joy of living a life where pleasure and presence were the focus. And I found myself changing into someone I don’t want to be. Someone who worried about the clothes they wear and the muscles that might be reflected back in the mirror at the gym. I found myself going out to eat dinner because I didn’t have time to cook. I started working at night and weekends because I had a duty to my clients – the powers that be do not look kindly upon lawyers who fail to be prepared for court or who cause delay in filing documents regardless of the pressure said lawyer is under.

So on Saturday I took a bold step and applied for some casual disability support worker jobs. Jobs I would have liked to apply for four months ago but for which I then lacked self-belief. On Wednesday I had an interview and was immediately offered a job. Yesterday I resigned from my job as a lawyer. I have to give four weeks notice but my boss and I are negotiating so that I can have flexibility in the second half of that period (because there is no law saying I have to work out my notice and I am not entitled to any substantial termination payment).

What do I hope this move will mean?

  1. Work I actually enjoy where I help people achieve their personal goals, feel comfortable and enjoy quality of life.
  2. Flexibility to work part-time, rather than being chained to a desk from 9-5 for 48 weeks of the year.
  3. Time to have adventures and micro adventures on sunny days between shifts rather than being cooped in the office.

Who knows, I might even start blogging again now that I won’t be tied to my computer at work all day exhausting my word limit. This might be especially true when I have some adventures like long days on foot, the bike or in the kayak.

These past four months have seen me miss being involved with disability support work, longing for fresh air and the weather on my skin, and frustrated at the lack of energy I have for Paul after a long commute and long day at work.

And so the journey to find the elusive 42 continues …


7 thoughts on “And life changes again

  1. Excellent decision, Paul. Somebody said to me the other day that he’d “rather be where I’m celebrated than where I’m tolerated.” Could have been written for your situation. Good luck.

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