A massive change and a new blog

It’s been a crazy five days that has culminated in my accepting a position as a family lawyer with a new men’s legal service back in my home city. As quickly as I started what I guess can be best described as a sabbatical, I am hanging up my traveling clothes in favour of a suit and tie. Where for the past two years I’ve spent hours in airports, the next adventure in my life journey will see me spending hours in court rooms and client conferences. Instead of travel guides my nose will be tucked into legal precedents and legislation. It’s an exciting opportunity to do something incredibly meaningful, challenging and fulfilling. 

I’m so ready for it too. 9-5 doesn’t scare me. 4 weeks recreation leave will take some getting used to again but I’ll be so busy with the job, my Masters of Applied Law (Family Law) and enjoying a balanced home life with Paul that time will fly.

I will still adventure because I need to. The adventures will be micro adventures rather than macro journeys. If you want to join me on them, come check out my new blog: Mister Microadventure


8 thoughts on “A massive change and a new blog

    • Thank you. I believe you and I might have a similar profession. I am excited about the new direction. And can’t wait to share my first adventures on my new blog.

    • Thank you. I won’t be writing too much about my new job. I got a job as a family lawyer at a men’s legal service. It will be full on but I am ready for the challenge. And to get back into some micro adventures. Also, I am quite excited to be home longer term so that I can make a life with Paul

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