NSW Loop: Post-script

We booked a room at the Karratha Pub for the night that Paul picked me up from Oman Ama. When I booked the lady said she would cook for us. But, unfortunately, all she did was heat up some (probably tinned) pea soup and some (probably packaged) pasta with bacon. This isn’t even something you’d find on the menu at any pub in the country. So we drive over to Leyburn Pub for a fantastic chicken schnitzel, chips and a yarn with the lady behind the bar.

The next day we load the bike onto the car rack for what should be a delightful four hour scenic drive back home. Unfortunately, the rack straps (which are quite new) broke. We noticed the bike was missing and retraced our steps to find it but to no avail. It did turn up the next day because someone had found it on the side of the highway and waited until the next day to call the police in case we came back for it. The bike is now at a bike shop being assessed for insurance purposes. The shop is going to do some frame measurements to check the bike is not bent or twisted, and will also check components and wheels for damage. I’ll know more tomorrow when they should email me the quote for repairs or write-off. I can’t change what happened so now just have to wait until the bike shop tells me the damage to the bike so I can decide my next step in the insurance / pay myself balance.

All I do know is that I will be out cycle touring again … The past 16 days were amazing.

Until the next adventure.


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