NSW Loop Special Post: Myall Creek Massacre Memorial (NSW, Australia)

Today I visited the Myall Creek Massacre Memorial site on my way from Bingara to Ashford. I found the memorial incredibly moving and want to share the story through the words of those who prepared the memorial. I will post about the rest of my day later. For tonight, I want to leave us with this post because I don’t think many people will know about this place nor travel here. I know I never learned about it during my 12 years at school nor my 20 years at university.
 photo 13247700_1717165031828955_2617119139526899359_o_zps0yuaq49c.jpg

 photo 13220775_1717165015162290_8764294480111273835_o_zpsyevzj4tg.jpg

 photo 13115934_1717165098495615_8859386345864275786_o_zpsdwj3qpov.jpg

 photo 13227369_1717165105162281_8518722066360704705_o_zpsqryqtd47.jpg

 photo 13247904_1717165101828948_4130388152048383367_o_zps2e9az23i.jpg

 photo 13227283_1717165181828940_1641377845805376426_o_zpsxalk4rx7.jpg

 photo 13173265_1717165185162273_8951960489599392833_o_zpshuatv9d4.jpg

 photo 13173190_1717165178495607_7174694740463874420_o_zpsity4dz02.jpg

 photo 13220667_1717165238495601_8867344586133458975_o_zpsubdk4rkw.jpg


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