NSW Loop day 11: Black Stump to Premer (NSW, Australia)

For some reason I didn’t sleep well last night at Black Stump. The place felt strange to me. There was nothing visible to give me that sense. I just felt like it wasn’t a settled place and that we weren’t meant to be camping there. Weird because it’s a favourite stop for many grey nomads traveling this way and tonight there were two other carloads of travelers sleeping the night. I didn’t even notice them until the morning. But yes, a strange energy exuded from this place.

It was pleasant enough in the morning though with the sun coming up and the birds singing. I was in no rush to leave and took my time eating breakfast and uploading some photos to Facebook. I only had 40km to ride until my next camp at Premer so there was no sense in rushing.

To get to Premer I just retraced my steps from last week. However, today I felt fit and strong and energised, while last week I was totally knackered. I actually see some of the landscape today.
 photo 13177504_1715945998617525_4281641803195668206_n_zps2htyo5qh.jpg

The cattle grazing in the harvested grain fields.
 photo 13151868_1715946011950857_6383348497096087657_n_zpsrqjwt1cx.jpg

The patterns of the crop fields.
 photo 13165916_1715946021950856_637067482384857310_n_zpso6xue81g.jpg

And the massive grain store that the railway line passes by.
 photo 13151437_1715631305315661_5023102993999997150_n_zpsi2d7qayg.jpg

I arrive in Premer around 10:30am. I’ve smashed out the miles and am ready for a partial rest day. The general store is the tiniest I’ve seen. But they do sell icy cold cans of Coke (no, this is not a commercial … LOL). Outside the general store a man introduces himself as Wayne. We have a yarn before I head off to the Lions Park to sit in the sunshine and work. I put in a good solid day of income generation before my laptop runs out of batteries and I use up all the data allowance on my modem. At least I completed the stage of the project I was working on. All that’s left to do is head to the pub for a meal (I am quite hungry so dehydrated foods are not going to cut it tonight) and then to lay in my sleeping bag under a tree to watch the stars above as I fall asleep.


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