NSW Loop day 8: Rest day in Mudgee

Despite being able to sleep in, I wake before the sun as is becoming my habit on this tour. It’s drizzling but the tree I am under protects me from the worst of the weather. I get up and head to the camp kitchen to do a spot of work before the dawn.

Once the sun comes up I tear myself away from my laptop in the camp kitchen long enough to head out for a short walk to find a couple of geocaches around town. It’s a way to see a few things that I might otherwise miss while here.
 photo 13095845_1714538672091591_8408176972373510137_n_zpstegwqgnv.jpg

My walk take me to a strange corner of a park where grave stones from all over the district are stored (for want of a better word). They are here because many old cemeteries have become roadside rest areas.
 photo 13118898_1714538678758257_3168805233962567885_n_zpsmftguj6n.jpg

I also find myself at the old railways station. Built in 1884, it is a typical design and colour for its time. The white on red brick work is familiar to me and something I have seen all over Australia on my various travels.
 photo 13124897_1714538692091589_7566628516710454345_n_zpsjfe0a0yb.jpg

The railway station building now seems to house a craft store and restaurant because the railway line is defunct. This means you can walk along the grassy tracks checking out the old switches without fear of being run over. I did four years in the railways in my early twenties so being in places like this always brings back memories of those days.
 photo 13178804_1714538698758255_2919331569320907246_n_zps7xqjci2r.jpg

Like so many Australian towns, Mudgee has some pretty churches. Not least of which is this gorgeous Catholic cathedral. An old man stops to tell me that the family who used to own all the shops in the main street also built this church. They still have a property somewhere out in the bush around Mudgee but no longer are prominent in the town.

Other than my little walk in the morning I spend the day in the camp kitchen working. I have a project that I wanted to finish and I succeed in that task. I also ride to the electronics store to buy a new charger cable for my phone and later walk to the supermarket to resupply on snacks for the ride home.

I’m excited to be back on the bike tomorrow. I’ll have rain and headwinds all day but at least I’ll only need to travel about 75km to my next camp; not the 100+km I’ve been riding all the way down here. I’ll set off at first light and see what happens. There are a few places I want to see along the way.

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