NSW loop day 1: Karara to Texas (NSW, Australia)

 photo 13103434_1711914209020704_756026209277993196_n_zpswzyisby8.jpg

I always feel a little nervous when I set off on a cycle tour. It’s not a fear-based nerve. It’s just knowing that I’m starting out on a new adventure and wondering how it will go. There’s always a risk of failure and I’ve had rides in the past where I’ve had to turn back. But my nerves dissipate as soon as I start to roll out of the Karara Hotel and onto the Cunningham Highway heading west. This is my zen.

My sister and I drove out to Karara, midway between Warwick and Inglewood yesterday to hang checkpoints for a rogain she is helping to organise. We had a fantastic day out 4WDing on some beautiful farms. It worked out well for me because it reduced my ride from 1,100km (690 miles) down to 800km (500 miles). This means that I will be able to cycle home from Bathurst instead of flying home from Sydney. But that’s still a few weeks away.

 photo 13062516_1711914175687374_5929541785690843887_n_zps3xaen8al.jpg

It’s tough country out here in the bush. I will cycle 96km and not go through any towns. Even Karara is nothing but a pub with some motel rooms and Omanama, which I will pass through after 35km is just a petrol station with some picnic tables under a shade shelter.

 photo 13091910_1711626112382847_8807020091013839522_n_zpspocflmzg.jpg

The locals farm sheep, cattle and goats battling the constant vagaries of drought and flooding rains. Currently the land is gripped with drought. The creeks are dry and dams have shrunk to the size of small ponds. While I don’t want to get wet while cycling, I can’t help but hope the rains come.

 photo 13133317_1711914195687372_9139902331317554743_n_zpsbmvckvo1.jpg

That’s not to say there’s no sense of humour out here. This is Australia and the larrikin spirit is alive and well. It’s visible in some of the mail boxes, like this tractor.

 photo 13124752_1711914185687373_5086747364176784323_n_zps57g3heeg.jpg

The riding goes well today. I leave Karara around 6:30am and make it to Texas before 2pm. I have a group presentation for university due on Thursday and I’ve taken the lead roll so need to develop the PowerPoint slides and record my part of the audio (it’s an online course so we are pre-recording our presentation). I also have a huge work project due while I’m away so it would be great to get the uni assignment done. So, instead of camping at the free camp on the river out of town, I book into the commercial campground. It’s a delightful place to while away an afternoon on my laptop. I get my share of the assignment completed by 7:30pm, stopping only briefly for dinner.

 photo 13083241_10154037611791181_264495052711023533_n_zpsllwmdh0z.jpg

On the subject of dinner, I cooked up one of my dehydrated meals. It turned out fantastic. I had chicken, bacon and vegetable sweet and sour noodles complete with pineapple. The sweet and sour sauce was from a sachet but the rest of the meal was just dehydrated foods I brought with me. I started rehydrating them after I ate my lunch so just had to cook them up. I find myself mentally thanking my mum for so highly recommending that I buy the dehydrator.

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