New South Wales loop ride: packed and ready to go

Packing for a trip is always a bit like putting together a puzzle without a picture. I know everything will fit but how.

The handlebar bag is my sleeping bag, mat, clothes and wet weather gear. The frame bag is my bivy, toiletries, jacket and some random items. The rear panniers (front pannier size) are food and cooking kit. Laptop, cables, water and lantern on the rear rack. More water in the chaff bags. And then quick grabs in the lunch box bag.

I could travel lighter but want to try being self sufficient for most of my food to practice for future adventures and to save money.

Tomorrow I drive with my sister to Warwick. Then Sunday I start the ride south. It will take about 8 days to reach Bathurst. Then I’ll hang out with a friend for a day before turning around and cycling home along a different route over 10 days.

It’s exciting to be getting back out on a cycle tour. My first since Hungary.


11 thoughts on “New South Wales loop ride: packed and ready to go

    • I have no idea how much my kit weighs.

      I ride a Vivente World Randonneur. It’s an Australian designed touring bike. I’ve beaten mine up quite a bit over the past two years and also reduced weight so that it fits within the 23kg luggage allowance for flying. I love it. It’s so comfortable to ride

    • Thank you Gail. Yes it was dry while I rode today. We had a couple of rain squalls pretty much as soon as I reached camp but they seem to have passed now. Apparently the rain is going to follow me south.

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