Noosa River day 3: Camp 3 back to Elanda Point (Queensland, Australia)

There’s always a small sense of sadness when I wake on the final morning of an adventure. I often feel torn between my desire to return home and my contentment at being outdoors. And so it is this morning as I wake and listen to the birds outside my tent.

 photo 10592786_10153922633176181_7831570343677336390_n_zpsthrwdl3d.jpg

It rained overnight and is overcast this morning so the world is a different colour to the same place yesterday. The reflections are slightly subdued but the rain has washed the dusty sand off the plants to leave them looking sparkly and clean. Mushrooms that were grey yesterday are pink today.

 photo 12191109_1696294420582683_2758339507814529995_o_zpsfrxz5hus.jpg

We eat breakfast and pack our gear. Lake Cootharaba is known for afternoon swell and with the wind picking up we don’t want to be caught out. Besides, mornings are a great time to paddle. The boats are lighter this morning compared with our trip out. We’ve eaten most of the food and drank most of the water. This is one of the good things about a human-powered trip home.

 photo 12322875_1696294423916016_7406332629909535137_o_zpsimarwnb4.jpg

We are in high spirits as we paddle back downstream. The water is particularly glassy because it has not yet been disturbed for the day. We glide like ice skaters moving across black coloured ice. We have about 17km (11 miles) to paddle back to Elanda Point. The wind and tide will be against us the entire journey. But that’s not a problem because we have plenty of time.

 photo 773653_1696294487249343_3973906804316042012_o_zpsm712zm78.jpg

Besides we have no other place to be other than the river. We take plenty of rest stops along the way. First is Harry’s Hut where we stretch our legs and on the jetty. Then the Kinaba Visitor Centre where a motorboat stops alongside us; the driver saying ‘hello’ while his passengers stretch their legs.

 photo 12512289_10153922631931181_4154044792871248241_n_zpsk2ecfow2.jpg

The river ends at Kinaba. From here we begin the crossing of Lake Cootharaba. It’s almost midday and the winds have picked up. It’s blowing about 20 knots and the shallow waters have turned into a sea of swell. With grey skies above us we do what has to be done: set off across the lake. We know our boats can handle the conditions and are here for an adventure after-all.

To be honest, I love the sensation of paddling through waves. It feels powerful and kayaks look amazing in this type of water. Mum powers away li a pro. You’d think she paddles regularly.

 photo 1610009_10153922633086181_1949933714062424490_n_zpsdfsrperq.jpg

An hour later we are pulling into Elanda Point. Our adventure is complete. All that’s left to do is unpack the boats, load them onto the car and drive home.

 photo 12525174_1696294643915994_5910223135720194347_o_zpsyzncfuze.jpg

But not without a selfie to mark the occasion. I’m so lucky to have a mum who enjoys the outdoors as much as I do. We had a great time together on the river. I can’t wait for our next adventure.

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