Noosa River day 1: Elanda Point to Camp 3 (Queensland, Australia)

Mum and I have a plan: to load up the kayaks and paddle the Noosa River. We did this a few years ago with rented canoes and Mum mentioned then that she’d love to have been up here for three days instead of two. So that’s what we’re doing.

 photo 12885821_1696292230582902_7072647334623855578_o_zpsms0f4qkm.jpg

The drive up to Elanda Point is uneventful but for the fact that we left late. It’s already 1pm when we finally drift out into Lake Cootharaba. Camp 3 is about four hours away so we will have just enough time to make it before dark.

 photo 12247675_1696292223916236_3318217689078215205_o_zpsj6bne7rg.jpg

Lake Cootharaba always feels so vast and exposed. There’s not much to protect the lake’s shallow waters from the winds, no matter the direction. And it can get quite choppy here.

 photo 10522089_10153922633006181_6696494226260404832_n_zpsdspapuo6.jpg

Fortunately, it is relatively calm today. My boat cuts through the small waves with ease. Mum’s boat sits lower so she has two small waves wet her but otherwise it handles well too. Slowly we make our way across the lake. There’s two people in a canoe pottering away to our left and two people in a rented three person kayak come towards us from the river. But mostly we are alone on the vast expanse of gently chopping water.

 photo 12419285_1696292267249565_4341471815396636626_o_zpsxyfofcwe.jpg

Us and the commerants.

 photo 10583998_10153922632971181_3188380004074211704_n_zpswld1cpxc.jpg

We enter the Noosa River. Instantly the world is calmer. There’s no choppy water to contend with now; just smooth black water along which we glide. It’s like sliding on the smoothest black stone you can imagine.

 photo 1517671_10153922631956181_7000333142354441776_n_zpsmcy64l4s.jpg

We paddle through a field of water lilies. Their purple flowers turn their faces to the sun. Some reflect prettily on the mirror-like surface of the water.

 photo 12803080_10153922633001181_162697671328050116_n_zpsoe30qfol.jpg

We stop briefly at Fig Tree Point. There’s a camp site and jetty here. It’s still accessible by 4WD but still feels peaceful and wild.

 photo 10580265_10153922632796181_730823612441583378_n_zpsngthrluv.jpg

Back on the river we continue our paddle. The waterways are well signed and there’s no risk of us getting lost in the channels that meander between the islands and lakes leading to our destination. We stop briefly at Harry’s Hut to fill up the drink bottles we’ve emptied. The water is untreated so we’ll use it at camp tonight. We have plenty of water but I always like to top up when I have the chance.

 photo 10633444_1696292450582880_4307968055852685896_o_zpsdfifqkcs.jpg

For the next hour or so we drift and paddle ever upstream. The water is so still and the reflections magical. We finally pull into the little jetty at campsite 3 just as the clock ticks over 5:30pm. We unload, share a peanut butter sandwich (mum was tired because she bonked from lack of calories not for want of fitness) and set up camp. It’s so good to be out camping again for the first time in months; I have missed this simple pleasure.

 photo 5465_10153922632781181_6794646603874881670_n_zpsuplbxsq4.jpg

Soon we are watching the sun setting over the river, cooking up a feed and relaxing while the nocturnal animals scurry around the bush around us.

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