Cambodia in November 2016

Paul is worse than me. We’re only just home from Europe but he found a fantastic return airfare to Kuala Lumpur for November and free seats to Phnom Penh so he booked us return flights. We’ll either have a couple of days in Kuala Lumpur then a fortnight in Cambodia. Ironically, I made the same booking for almost the same dates in November 2015 but cancelled to be with Paul. But this time I am going with Paul so it will be amazing.

We’re getting married on 31 October so this will be our honeymoon.

Someone said that it wouldn’t take long for us to book our next trip … they weren’t wrong. Haha.


9 thoughts on “Cambodia in November 2016

  1. That’s the way to go! It’s never too early to book a trip!
    I think you should stay in Malaysia. It’s a beautiful country and you’ll find lots of things to keep you occupied. I was there in November, too, and I loved it. The culture is fascinating, the food is amazing and you’ve got both beaches and jungle national parks if you want to get away from civilisation.

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