A productive day (Noord Brabant, The Netherlands)

The day has finally arrived. I am picking up the wheelchair bike I bought for Pedal Puddle Participate. It’s exciting to see the bike dismantled and packed into boxes. The guys at Roll-On Mobility in Hapert have been wonderful, meeting all my needs and requests.

Unfortunately, I get home and discover that the bike, as packaged, is just too heavy for my baggage allowance. I am flying Etihad Airways and booked my flight before 12 September 2015 so have a 30kg baggage allowance. For USD140 I can also buy one extra piece of up to 23kg. As packed, the three parcels we’ve picked up weigh 28kg, 4kg and 26kg. As you can see, this is not going to work. So my uncle and I set about dismantling the bike some more. Some puzzling later and we’ve managed to get the bike to fit into one bike box weighing 30.7kg and one other box measuring 90cm x 72cm x 43cm  (I’m allowd 90 x 70 x 45) weighing 22.8kg. I also have about 7kg of bike parts in my hand luggage, meaning I will be wearing pretty much all my clothes onto the plane to keep my carry on below 10kg (my laptop alone is 1kg). It’s a tight fit but that just means I am getting my luggage money worth.

It’s still bucketing down so I spend a few hours in the afternoon working. It feels good to be productive and the course I’m writing is interesting. My aunt asks me what my plans are for the evening given that my uncle is going to a fishing club meeting. “I might keep working a bit”, I say. “Or shall we go to another movie?” she asks. You don’t have to ask me twice. And that’s how I come to spend the night watching The Revanence. Have I mentioned that the movies in Holland have a ten minute break midway through? It’s good if you need to use the bathroom or buy a snack. I don’t need to do either so just sit back and relax.

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