Fishermen’s Trail day 2: Vila Nova de Milfontes to Almograve (Alentejo, Portugal)

 photo 12741922_1686189801593145_2915267843699789356_n_zpsdtvn4adb.jpg

I wake to a bright and sunny day. The wind has died down and the sea is much calmer. It promises to be a wonderful day hiking. Today the trail is only 15km and I have nothing to race to the other end for. So I take my time. I’m barely 3km from Vila Nova de Milfontes when I reach a white sandy beach. It’s too good to resist and I spend about half an hour just sitting there enjoying the warm sunshine.

 photo 12729306_1686189808259811_6686603946419086936_n_zpseqe4lb6h.jpg

Behind me are the first of the cliffs that I will walk across today.

 photo 10670164_1686189831593142_4387532907233089188_n_zps9o7zzhsh.jpg

I climb to the top of the cliffs and the trail turns east through farmland. Today I will spend most of my time walking through and past farmland. The farms come right to the tops of the cliffs today in some places. There’s a turf farm and a carrot farm and a cattle farm and some market gardens.

 photo 12733630_1686189884926470_7829293054758944326_n_zps092mpulf.jpg

But don’t think that walking through farmland is dull. There’s still plenty to see. Like this moss covered rock.

 photo 12744668_1686189918259800_425661910014068734_n_zpsdtogrvsg.jpg

And this insect covered in pollen.

 photo 12744580_1686190001593125_6145700380650009493_n_zpshamyudyi.jpg

And lots of pretty flowers.

 photo 12728896_1686189964926462_4876936052853178887_n_zpsy2hkzb1v.jpg

The trail is varied and at times heads back through the dunes to the top of the cliffs. It’s fascinating to walk in such deep sand at the top of such tall cliffs. I have always associated sand dunes with being at beach level, not tens of meters up like this.

 photo 12741965_1686189848259807_2709594512002155785_n_zpssd7plxh1.jpg

There are even sea shells up here.

 photo 12743844_1686189924926466_5403641722321503862_n_zpszb3tvwob.jpg

And plenty of signs of life. There’s plenty of bird foot prints, small animal tracks and even some deer hoof prints. It’s so thoroughly enjoyable that it takes me over six hours to walk just 15km. That’s slow for me. But I’m distracted by the beauty and have nowhere to be.

 photo 12744661_1686189864926472_1581860499364642420_n_zps4wqvudml.jpg

 photo 943956_1686189984926460_6086188701427919929_n_zpszhs75e8z.jpg

I stop often just to sit and admire the ocean views. It’s just a lovely day to relax and walk a bit in between the relaxing. This is why I love hiking so much. You go at your pace in harmony with nature. You can’t fight it. When it’s windy like yesterday you move on a bit and when it’s glorious like today, you take it easy.

I arrive in Almograve late in the afternoon. I stay at an old-school youth hostel where the best thing is the 10 euro price tag and the kitchen that allows me to self-cater. There’s no wifi in my room so I fall asleep early for once (I usually stay up late to catch Paul with the time difference and to work / blog). It was another fantastic day today.

6 thoughts on “Fishermen’s Trail day 2: Vila Nova de Milfontes to Almograve (Alentejo, Portugal)

  1. Hi! Thanks for posting your experience on the fisherman trail. I’m considering doing this hike when I’m in Portugal in late June but I only have two days. Which section would you recommend? Thanks for the help!

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