Toledo at night (Castilla – La Mancha, Spain)

 photo 21585_1680586118820180_4357408021395312217_n_zpsyghkel8r.jpg

I walk down to the Toledo train station in the late afternoon to meet up with Mum. Her flight from Australia was delayed by 18 hours so instead of driving to Toledo together last night, she’s driven down from Madrid airport this afternoon. The train station is an easy place to meet so that I can help her find a place to park (I’ve been in the town for a day now) and help get her luggage to the hotel. If you come to Toledo there is free public parking in a carpark not far from the train station on the station side of the river.

 photo 12573945_1680586075486851_3026712869876032643_n_zpslyqg9lmt.jpg

We go out for pinchos (small dishes served on bread) at a very funky bar not far from the Cathedral (everything in Toledo is not far from the cathedral though). You serve yourself and they work out the price based on how many long toothpicks and how many short toothpicks you have on your plate. The perfect start to our travels together.

 photo 12651288_1680586205486838_8293811146769013508_n_zpskfh46d58.jpg

We spend the rest of the night (until about midnight) exploring the streets and lights of Toledo. We literally just walk around random streets until we reach the Puente de San Martin (St Martin’s Bridge). We walk out onto the bridge and take in the reflections of Toledo on the river. The city is beautiful at night. It’s quiet but not deserted and the tour buses have long left town, leaving it to those who are staying overnight and locals. It’s a wonderful place to spend the night.

4 thoughts on “Toledo at night (Castilla – La Mancha, Spain)

    • It’s wouldn’t work in Aus, people would be walking out with pockets full of tooth picks 😊.
      They are very trusting in Spain. In turn the Spaniards are very honest. Many times I have gone to pay after consuming a few drinks and plates of food only to be asked – what did you have?

      • That’s sad isn’t it. My neighbour runs a cafe in our garden. Her husband is Turkish and he serves coffees without payment up front and people just leave.

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