Delays in posting

I am experiencing delays in posting due to the short days here in the European winter. While there are as many hours in every day as there always are, we pack a lot into our days and then head out to experience cities at night, leaving little time to write. In the past I’ve found a rhythm where I would wake early and have time to write before the day starts, but here it isn’t light until around 8am and I haven’t been waking until 7:30am. When the days are longer I usually return to my lodgings for work and writing in the late afternoon. But here it is dark early so the transition from day to night is one that passes so quickly I can only fit in the work component.

But I will catch up on my writings and share my adventures in Spain 🙂 . There will just be a delay (I’ve been in Spain for about 10 days now so there’s a bit of catching up to do).


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