Our next trip: Holland and Poland

It’s taken a while but we have finally pulled our fingers out and started to organise our trip to Europe. Until tonight all we had were return flights to Amsterdam (1 month for Paul and 2 months for me). Now we have set the ball rolling. We’ve booked a hotel in Amsterdam on our arrival (27 December) for three nights. Then we’re off to spend time with my family in Holland for a week (I am Dutch by birth). Then we’ve booked a flight to Krakow on 5 January where we will begin our exploration of Poland.

Why Poland? We both want to see Auschwitz. Originally we thought we’d drive back to Holland through Germany but it seems impossible to rent a car in Poland and take it into Western Europe. So we started to look online at what Poland has to offer: plenty! So that’s where we will spend most of our month together. I can’t wait.

As for my second month in Europe … I might spend time with family in Holland and Portugal with a possible side trip to the UK.


2 thoughts on “Our next trip: Holland and Poland

    • I think it will be an emotional day; particularly as we will be going in winter. People say you shouldn’t go in winter because it is so bleak and harsh. But I say the Jews didn’t have that choice. We are prepared for it to be hard but also educational and a reminder not to ever let that happen again …

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