Safranbolu to Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey)

 photo 12096212_1653339661544826_3563863692140812625_n_zpsvvl4cl4q.jpg

It was a long drive from Safranbolu to Istanbul. Not much happened. I still have 2GB of data left on my Turkish sim card (getting data in Turkey is easy – just buy a sim card) so I spent the drive listening to Ted Talks (on audio – not watching them) about all sorts of interesting and inspirational topics. There was a crazy 82kph speed limit for one section of road that amused me. And then once I got into Istanbul it took me over 1.5 hours to get to my hotel due to the crazy traffic jams. I’m sure the bagel and water vendors standing in the middle of the road didn’t help.

I checked into my airport hotel, went out for one final cheap Turkish fast food sandwich and bought myself a new set of running clothes to celebrate completing Couch to 5km.

The next morning I woke up for a quick 5km run before heading to the airport.

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