Big news

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For the past 15 months, I have been fortunate to have someone special in my life. He’s stepped way outside his comfort zone by coming on adventures with me. And he’s waited patiently for me to be ready to come home more permanently without ever rushing me. Last week Monday I bought him a ring and asked him a very important questions. And, while marriage equality does not yet exist in Australia, he said “yes”.

And so, in November 2016, Paul and I will be standing in front of our families and friends to declare our love for and commitment to each other. We don’t care that the government won’t give us a piece of paper because we know that piece of paper means nothing (just look at divorce rates and the sham visa marriages that take place).

Ironically, Paul was 42 when I met him … maybe there’s something in that 😉


20 thoughts on “Big news

    • That is a good point. The wedding wouldn’t be recognised in Australia but it would be in the US. We are thinking about going to the US next Christmas. So maybe we need to have our family and friends ceremony in Oz and then come tot he US to get married. Though it would be cheaper for us to go to New Zealand where marriage equality also exists. So maybe we need to get married in NZ and then go to the US anyway.

    • Thank you. I believe that after the 2017 election we will probably have a Labor government (I am a swinging voter so have no political ties) who will not be able to ignore the call for marriage equality.

      • That might turn out to be the case, but whatever way the election goes, I hope marriage equality gains enough momentum to get through regardless of which party gains government. Who knows, it may even happen before then.

      • I doubt the current government will backflip on their ridiculously strong stance against marriage equality. But maybe now we have a new PM things will change

  1. Congratulations to the two of you. Astoundingly, America now allows gay weddings (or weddings, as I call them) and we are, for once, ahead of the curve on this issue, though you wouldn’t think it if you listened to some of the Neanderthals on the Republican side.
    More significantly, I think that you have, indeed, found 42 and that should be your sign to change the site’s name, as it has been leading you towards Paul.
    All my very best wishes.

  2. Congratulations! Yes, if you end up in the US, make sure to post about it. . . Nebraska has amazing bike trails. Flat long and straight. That’s about it. Really, no other reason to come here. 😉 Except to stay at our B&B (it’s not really one, but people say it is because our meals are awesome and our guest bed is super comfy!)

  3. Congratulations! You’re right. Paper doesn’t mean a thing. It’s all about your commitment to each other. It’s sad that piece of paper has been held in such high regard. Don’t forget to post about your wedding on here 🙂

    • Thanks Moani. We’re not getting married for another year yet because Paul’s best mate is getting married in September 2016 and we can’t cut his wedding grass. So we are doing it in November 2016 🙂 I will post pics and stories

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