A couple of relaxing days in Safranbolu (Black Sea, Turkey)

 photo 12079197_1652821654929960_192590089822493896_n_zps5uewhypp.jpg
To say that Sari’s Pension is gorgeous would be an understatement. It’s the very place I need to be right now as I head into my final few days as a digital nomad. My mind is spinning with ideas, possibilities and things to look forward to on my return home. I can’t believe I am actually wanting to head home and have a more normal life (I say ‘more’ because my life has never quite been ‘normal’). And if I had to select any place to spend these final contemplative days of this digital nomad phase of my life, I would have selected Sari’s Pension.
 photo 12088264_1652821631596629_8620751440348839547_n_zpsxtmagbni.jpg
It’s so peaceful and quiet here in this Ottoman era house with it’s stunning edible garden where figs, grapes, apples and other fruits grow in abundance. There’s space to think here. I have a whole granny flat apartment to myself. It’s quiet but I am still within walking distance of the village and its many food places.
 photo 11201874_1652821664929959_2809405990560162763_n_zpspgwt2bz4.jpg
And then there’s Sari herself. She is wonderful. Sari is Indonesian so I am instantly drawn to this side of her, having Indonesian heritage myself and loving that country so much. But there’s more to it than that. Sari is energetic, kind and creates the perfect mix of social interaction and leaving guests alone. Together we talk about our lives and dreams and experiences. I am in a place where my dreams and ideas for the future are overflowing. The past twenty months since my health scare have done that to me. I can see a very cool, fulfilling and exciting professional life in my grasp. And an even more exciting personal life to go with it.

 photo 12063305_1652821688263290_2016364289914945831_n_zpse9dzpwnz.jpg
At Sari’s house I drink tea the Turkish way.
 photo 12118979_1652821681596624_920985662850981103_n_zps72z5n5cg.jpg

And enjoy my final Turkish breakfasts.

 photo 12105959_1652896924922433_5102641912843932112_n_zpsczngt4hx.jpg

 photo 12074997_1652896954922430_7948996322562923619_n_zpsmrgxntgn.jpg

 photo 12108060_1652896964922429_4675755043893663536_n_zpsspcvbqt1.jpg

 photo 12109118_1652896934922432_8697486268606423192_n_zpsmeqretyd.jpg

I take short strolls into Safranbolu for a few hours every day to take in the Ottoman-style buildings, both run down and renovated.

 photo 12144891_1652896984922427_7759433886852021767_n_zpsq6u4pje3.jpg

 photo 12115987_1652896994922426_1157798491424100652_n_zpssuecyz83.jpg

And I indulge in the absolutely delicious Turkish habit of eating decadent desserts. This photo is actually of a profiterole that was served drowned in a bowl of the most amazing dark chocolate mouse.

 photo 12079291_1653261824885943_2985422405864373565_n_zpsccfbihds.jpg

 photo 12075049_1653261838219275_6037248227085166407_n_zpsnyfcbpuz.jpg

 photo 12107113_1653261884885937_7297509627715729285_n_zpslejvsb6t.jpg

But mostly I took time out to reflect on my journey. On the past twenty months of travel since I went to Kenya in February 2014. On the things I have learned. On the people I have met. On the way I’ve grown as a traveler from that first stressed out arrival in Seoul to the casual way I now approach arriving in a new country. I reflected on the things I have learned about the world and the way I will never be able to see it in the same way again. I have experienced the kindness of strangers and seen the desperation of refugees – two sides of the same world we live in. And I ponder the fact that I will not be able to return to the life I lived before I started Looking For 42. And this knowledge has ramifications for my future: financial, personal and professional.


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