I will update my blog … soon

Sorry for the delays in posting. I have been home for a week and haven’t stopped. I have two university papers due on Monday and (as usual) I started the study and writing of them late so that’s been taking up a lot of my writing time. I will finalise my Turkey leg of the blog once they are submitted and update you about what’s happening next.


7 thoughts on “I will update my blog … soon

    • Yep. It is. The jacarandas are in bloom here in Brisbane so that is a sign of stress time. I am lucky. Once I submit these on Monday I have no uni until March 2016. So I am just gutting it out for a day

      • It is a shame that exam/assignment time is when the jacaradas bloom. Sounds you have a nice long break. I am tring to speed up my studies. I only have two subjects left – one over the summer and a theses paper next semester. I hope to enjoy jacarandar season exam and assignment free next year:)

      • Nice. I have three left: a business elective and two pracs in 2016. The four months off over summer will be grand. I’ll think of you with your summer schools πŸ™‚

      • I’m studying a Master of Applied Law (a degree for non-lawyers). I am teacher by profession and my undergrad. All the best with the adult and vocational education. I really think that is great.

      • Haha. I am going the other way. I was a lawyer who is moving towards teaching. So funny how the world works. Good luck with your exams and assignments. Am sure you’ll smash it πŸ™‚

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