Rest day in Beldibi (Lycia, Turkey)

 photo 12079546_1650813185130807_4493059210820771329_n_zpskj9yzuw1.jpg

The camping ground in Beldibi is quite nice. Well, it’s situation on the beach is nice. The camping ground itself is pretty average and run down. But there is a reason for that. This is a tour package resort town. The roads are lined with hotels targeted at Germans and Russians. There are no restaurants because everyone has food included in their package but there are plenty of souvenir and beach wear shops with signage in Russian and prices in Russian ruble and US dollars. But the location is gorgeous and we are ready for a rest day after being on the go since we arrived in Turkey about two weeks ago.

 photo 12074584_1650813191797473_4769609649077759126_n_zpslc8i78ys.jpg

 photo 12045684_1650921158453343_2757765563735268249_o_zpsomd2orln.jpg

All we do all day is relax. We have a bit of a swim in the morning. Mum and Dad read their books. I do some work. And then before we know it, the day has come to an end.

 photo 12140662_1650813225130803_1373229311966094182_n_zps40npzdkk.jpg

All that’s left to do is watch the sunset and eat dinner relaxing at camp. Sadly, it’s also our final night together. Tomorrow Mum and Dad will carry on in the camper van to Istanbul and I will collect a rental car in Antalya and explore some more of Turkey on my own. It’s been really special to share this time with my parents. I’m glad they are fit and enjoy sailing, hiking and camping.


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