A quick pondering before bed

It’s late (after midnight) and I am getting up to hike Mt Olympus tomorrow, which will involve an altitude gain of 1,400m and then the same back down again. Being up this late catching up on my blog is probably not the most sensible course of action but hey … it happens. (Now you will also see that my blog is still 6 posts behind – soon to be 7).

As I write I update the Turkey country, Turkey road trip and Turkey day hikes pages of my blog. It’s funny. Every trip starts with a couple of preparation and transit posts. Then there’s the first tentative in country post where I am not sure what to focus on. Before I know it, one post becomes two then three and then all of a sudden I’ve written a dozen then two dozen then thirty in country posts. Given that I write between 500-1,000 words per post, that’s somewhere between 15,000 – 30,000 words per country and probably somewhere between 100-200 images.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve hardly traveled when I compare myself to other bloggers doing far more adventurous things (like cycling all the way around the world or hiking the PCT). And then I look at my blog and realise that I’m amassing quite a library of work too. I know the pace of travel is about to slow down somewhat and sometimes that scares me a little. If only because I like this little library I am creating. That said, what I am moving towards is exciting and wonderful too; more so than a life of solitude on the road. And, besides, life is a marathon not a sprint and there will be tends of thousands more travel words and hundreds more photos added before I give up my passport and backpack.

It seems like only yesterday I arrived in Turkey with no idea what to expect. After two weeks I feel comfortable here and am getting a sense of what the country is like. That’s what happens when I write my 500-1,000 words about each day (even if I do fall a week behind).


3 thoughts on “A quick pondering before bed

  1. You certainly produce plenty of writing Andrew. Certainly more than I can keep up with. But I’m glad to drop in on your travels and see where you’re at. You’re making a memorable record of your travels and your reflections.

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