Yalikakav to Lake Bafa (Agean, Turkey)

We have three days before we can collect the camper van that we’re going to use to walk sections of the Lycian Way. What to do? I’ve looked at a map of the Agean area of Turkey and see Lake Bafa. Google images brings up some interesting historic ruins, bloggers have written about hiking in the area and there seems to be a nice guesthouse on the lake’s shores. So I suggest we make it our base for the next few days.

 photo 12079458_1649568735255252_9180807281715444058_n_zpslgpfr6ym.jpg
Our route will take us past Milas and on to Lake Bafa. As we near Milas I notice a huge castle to our left. Becin Castle stands high up on a cliff-lined knoll. It’s got rounded walls to match the shape of the cliffs. We drive up and discover that the ruins are extensive. There’s not only the castle but a whole city behind it; some of which is still actively being dug up by archaelogists today.

 photo 12027712_1649568998588559_5617429779785596705_n_zpsxqjrizlz.jpg
The castle dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries CE when the Byzantines built the castle. It included the fortress, mosque, hamam (Turkish baths) and a school. I find it fascinating that a few months ago I was exploring Hungarian castles that were built in defense against the Ottoman Empire and now I am at the other end of the scale: in Turkey visiting Byzantine castles that were built in defense against the Ottoman Empire before that empire invaded Hungary.

 photo 12032141_1649568835255242_8970997092086589129_n_zpsjvmr8inf.jpg
The castle has been under renovation since 1974 and some is in fantastic condition for it’s age; like these tomb stones at the graveyard.

 photo 12006501_1649569021921890_5233393814222790780_o_zpsmm1udiij.jpg
And inside the castle fortress you can really see that there was a whole community living here at one time (and probably later times too).

 photo 12022488_1649568901921902_3254969116722904251_o_zpsgwfwrjjw.jpg
And did I mention the view yet? The view from the castle is spectacular. It gives an amazing oversight of this part of Turkey’s landscape. I can see exactly why the castle was built here.

 photo 12036806_1649769048568554_5168482650142320137_n_zpsuoklwe21.jpg

 photo 12079438_1649769038568555_5210514165184033079_n_zpscrixoagr.jpg

 photo 12036927_1649768918568567_6604545672596700906_n_zpsrmfyuzmt.jpg

 photo 12049479_1649769085235217_2861140419503345893_n_zpsxdmgs6az.jpg

We drive down the hill and stop in Milas. It’s an old city that has been occupied since about 450BCE. There are hints of its history around the city but mostly it’s a modern market town with narrow cobble stoned streets, modern cafes and a hint of poverty in its run down residential buildings and old cars. We eat delicious cakes in a restaurant, take a turn through the city and stop at a grocery store for supplies. It’s nice to take a walk through a town to see what life in Turkey is like outside the tourist mecca of Bodrum.

 photo 12047003_1649769925235133_5038613964025899418_n_zpsp4livxjj.jpg
Lake Bafa appears over a high steep ridge as though it were an ocean, rather than a lake. Mind you, Lake Bafa was once part of the Agean Sea so this might be why it appears this way. We have booked into the Hotel Silva Oliva. No one is sure what to expect from our guesthouse. It turns out to be absolutely gorgeous. There are lots of little cottages set into the mountain side about the lake with a short path to the lake front, which is also part of the hotel property. This is a working olive farm so the cottages are set into the grove and surrounded by beautiful grey-green leaves.

 photo 12010635_1649769778568481_2309050427634778207_o_zpsqyklhrg1.jpg

Mum and I set off on foot to explore the lake front.

 photo 12043078_1649769765235149_422037691643303282_n_zpsuaiphhtz.jpg

There’s no real path but we make do quite well pushing our way through prickles and balancing along rocks. Being on foot is a great way to connect with your surrounds and work out where you are. We find a geocache at a nearby lookout where a man is selling fruit. We buy two appples. When we ask how much he wants for them he tells us to make an offer. We give him 2TL ($AU1) and he seems content with this. Eating our apples we continue our adventure.

 photo 11227947_1649769901901802_7742416082239556848_n_zps9ycdfena.jpg

We come across a turtle. I’ve never seen a land turtle before, only swamp-loving tortoises. Mum can’t help herself and picks it up for a closer look. She tells me that she had turtles as pets when she was a child so no doubt she’s having a moment of reminiscence. The difference between these land turtles and the swampy ones we have at home is that land turtles don’t stink. So it’s not disgusting to pick them up.

 photo 11224267_1649769671901825_5863273192864179920_n_zps3lr6pjiw.jpg

 photo 12036799_1649769958568463_7500509805008478904_n_zpssayx6v7y.jpg

We find our way back to the hotel. All that’s left to do now is put up our feet, relax and watch the sunset over the lake. Later we will dine in the hotel’s restaurant while the moon rises in the east, casting a white glow across the lake. The restaurant is fantastic. It overlooks the lake, is very local, has a friendly host who has lived in the area all his life and serves fresh local home made food. Not a bad way to end the day at all.


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