Kargacik Bay to Yalikakav (Agean, Turkey)

I wake in the cockpit to find the sun shining brightly on me. It’s our final morning at sea and I feel a bit sad about it. I have enjoyed being on the water and swimming in this crazy blue sea. It’s probably the most beautiful water-based experience I’ve ever had.

 photo IMG_8304_zpsdxaznwpt.jpg

We eat breakfast while watching a fisherman negotiate the sale of fish to a neighbouring vessel. The negotiations are delicate and take time. Eventually, he sells a single fish, which he scales and guts for the buyer. The fisherman’s son is bored so he takes a handline and casts it. I guess fishing is in his blood and, maybe, one day he too will be making this same trip around the bay.

 photo IMG_8308_zpsif0fqecg.jpg

I swim to the shore one final time to untie the shore lines. We’ve finally worked this process out and now we are going back to land. Funny how that happens. The water in this bay is particularly clear. It’s almost unbelievable.

 photo IMG_8315_zpsswriovpe.jpg

We motor-sail our way back to Yalikakav, passing now familiar shore-scapes that were totally foreign to us just five days ago.

 photo IMG_8322_zpsttboxvdi.jpg

We reach the white houses of Yalikakav’s urban sprawl and know we are almost back to the marina. A pair of dolphins swims in the distance. They rise out of the water higher than our bottle nose dolphins at home do. They are more brown than the blue-grey I’m familiar with. It’s a pretty sight. They frolic on the horizon long after we have passed them.

 photo IMG_8334_zps9pez9gqy.jpg

We pass the Bond-esque elevator that leads from cliff-top houses to the sea. It’s one of those random feats of human doggedness that someone would pay for this luxury. But hey, why not. I mean, everyone wants beach access.

 photo 12063370_1649486905263435_2992747886284585840_n_zpsoyg5ioid.jpg

And then we are done. The boat is returned to the marina and the first leg of our adventures in Turkey is over.

 photo 12063625_1649486955263430_382746918107510908_n_zpsdgcmu0i5.jpg

 photo 10524681_1649486928596766_8728154906259131269_n_zpsxxeujcdf.jpg

 photo 12079113_1649487011930091_5345967739464002179_n_zpsqr582iim.jpg

But it’s by no means done. We walk into Yalikakav village to stretch our legs and eat some food. We find a Bosnian restaurant that sells some cheese and spinach bread cooked in this crazy outdoor cooker. I felt sorry for the man who was responsible for keeping the coals hot because it would be tough in the hot Agean weather.

 photo 12032091_1649486995263426_2442266104706177356_n_zpsrt9vnm7e.jpg

We take a turn through town. There’s a whole cafe filled with me playing board games.

 photo 11062362_1649487178596741_7428323499451145243_n_zpsgo2nwqbb.jpg

 photo 12074653_1649487151930077_321824964035799220_n_zpsslfbhkco.jpg

 photo 12079119_1649487198596739_1780265213874268978_n_zpsh2cfvhfy.jpg

 photo 11231199_1649487118596747_7782290025978769980_n_zpsbdofrl7a.jpg

And lots of colourful decorations to catch the eye.

 photo 12074725_1649487241930068_7008484093165583936_n_zpsi1bmm1yr.jpg

We watch as people enjoy the final rays of the sun’s warmth by playing in or near the water.

 photo 11049599_1649487345263391_5133811256017463941_n_zpsbniz2b2g.jpg

And take in the sunset while we eat dinner at a waterside restaurant.

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