My new toy

I bought a new toy: a red Barracuda Beachcomber sea kayak. I have been looking for about half a year and then, while I was in Indonesia, I noticed my friend’s kayak on the site. A quick check of his Facebook page confirmed the exciting news. It’s a known boat. The price was right. And I just know this is the right boat for me.

 photo 12002348_1645759442302848_1305536952065780868_o_zpsln4etcpb.jpg

My friends came all the way from Toowoomba to Redcliffe to drop the boat off because I don’t yet have a car. It was late in the afternoon so I couldn’t go for a test paddle but first thing in the morning I was bouncing out of bed and ready to go. First step: hoist the boat onto my shoulder and walk down my driveway.

 photo 11953649_1645759438969515_7486986598787727649_o_zpsscwr06bl.jpg

Step 2: Cross the road, walk down the grassy hill and step onto the cool soft sandy beach with my new paddle craft on my shoulder ready to go.

 photo 11999624_1645759448969514_2337512348610165670_o_zpsqryothtw.jpg

The sun was rising steadily over Moreton Island in the distance. It is my goal for when I am fitter and more experienced. How magnificent to see such a tempting goal from my home. It will certainly keep me motivated to train, practice and gain skills.

 photo 11952967_1645759508969508_4682255045926060930_o_zpshjy1np7l.jpg

The boat is much more tippy than anything I’ve paddled before. From 2006 – 2009 I owned a bombproof river boat that was red, short, wide, slow and stable. Compared to that the Barracuda is sleek, fast and sexy. Not to mention practical, long and fitted with plenty of luggage space. I am so excited about the adventures I will be able to take it on.

 photo 11953370_1645759495636176_4702386987261764615_o_zpsz6m5gexr.jpg

I enjoyed paddling for an hour out on Moreton Bay just near home. I paddled from Scarborough Beach to the far end of Queens Beach and back again. Not terribly far but it allowed me to get a feel for the boat. I also went out further from shore than I’ve paddled before. That is something I will need to get used to: not hugging the shore line but actually trusting myself and the boat out on the open water. That will come with time and practice. And open up a whole wide world of exploration for me.

 photo 11708046_1645759568969502_4953990051093627388_o_zpsjpuqavwq.jpg

I head back to shore, avoiding the jagged rocks at the northern and southern end of the beach. I have a bit of a surf on the small waves; something that feels so much more fun in a sea kayak than it did in my uncontrollable packraft.

 photo 12015122_1645759588969500_2747274308145011797_o_zpspm4nozrs.jpg

 photo 11741024_1645759578969501_3388473004690722112_o_zpsydr2fw4y.jpg

I get out, shoulder the kayak (17kg / 37.5lbs) and walk back across the road to my home. I will paddle at least one morning a week before work once I am back from Turkey and also hopefully one longer paddle each week on my days off. I’ll also be buying a car with roof racks so that I can get the kayak to other interesting places to explore. A whole new world awaits …


6 thoughts on “My new toy

  1. The kayak is a great addition to your adventure kit!
    Sea kayaks feel tippy to start with but they have better ‘secondary’ stability – there is a chine that runs along the boat that will allow you to lean over and not actually tip over. Perhaps you’ve already found that out…

    • Oh wow. Thanks for the tip. Today I ventured way out to a beacon that is a half hour paddle from shore. It’s just a dot on the horizon. I saw huge sea turtles and lots of egrets fishing (and coming up with fish visible in their necks). No camera but a wonderful pre flight paddle.

      It was only level 2 on the Beaufort scale today. My first paddle would have been just a level 3 day. I haven’t found the chine yet. But once home from Turkey I will organise either lessons or join a club as well as paddling at least twice a week to get more experience 🙂

      • Sounds like a nice paddle – it was a great day outside today 🙂
        The chines are the ridges that are built into the mould of the kayak. They’re often a hard edge at which the shape of the boat changes.
        We did a sea kayaking course some years ago with Qld Canoe Club – they ran it on Currumbin Creek and the Southport Seaway over two days. It was very good for learning heaps Andrew.

  2. Take care & let folk know you’re out. They’re great boats once you get used to them, and so much faster than river boats. Mostly though, just have loads & loads of fun. Now, where did I put that paddle?

    • I definitely always let people know where I’m going. Seen too many horror accident shows … Haha. And definitely joining the sea kayaking club too. They have awesome looking training weekends. And then I can do trips with company 🙂 . Go find your paddle 🙂 .

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