Preparing for Turkey

I only just got home from Indonesia a couple of days ago but already I am preparing to leave for a Turkey next week. Turkey has been a moving feast of plans. First Mum and I were going cycle touring together. Then I was going to walk the Lycian Way with Mum and Dad joining me along the way. But now the plans have become really cool.

I arrive in Istanbul on 17 September and that night will fly to Bodrum to meet my parents who are also traveling to Turkey to have a holiday with me. My parents are keen sailors so they have booked a bareboat for a week to sail along the coast from Bodum and I am joining them. So expect lots of photos of the ocean and sailing. Then we will pick up a camper van for ten days to drive along the Lycian Way route and take day walks for 5-7 days, cherry picking the sections that look most beautiful or interesting. We will then drive to Istanbul for a few days until my parents fly home. I have an extra week in Turkey so think I will rent a car and see where I end up. I’m sure some ideas will come to me once I’ve been in the country. So my month in Turkey is no longer a simple cycle tour or hike. It’s now a multistage adventure and I am so excited to be going there with my parents. 

It all starts in five days. 


13 thoughts on “Preparing for Turkey

    • I thought you would like the summary 🙂 Should be really heaps of fun. I booked flights to Bodrum last night. And will organise car hire for my extra week before I leave. I might as well … that way I can see some of Turkey’s sights outside Istanbul after you leave.

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