Travel can make you grateful

Travel is wonderful. You experience new cultures, tastes and sights. There’s adventure to be had in cities, beaches and forests all around the world. And then there’s the experience of coming home. Coming home today after a month in Indonesia I find myself grateful for:

  • Being able to open the tap and drink the water.
  • Being able to eat fresh fruit and vegetables without worrying about using bottled water to wash it or to peel it..
  • Clean quiet streets outside.
  • Understanding everyone and being understood when speaking in my native tongue.
  • Having a home to come to every night instead of sleeping in many different places.
  • The high standard of living we have in Australia.

But mostly – I am grateful to be able to open the tap and safely drink the water.


2 thoughts on “Travel can make you grateful

  1. Nice post Andrew and one worth remembering. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to live in clean places. Only by visiting elsewhere, with different standards can we ever realize how lucky we are at home.

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