Movies and more movies (Solo, Indonesia)

I think we are both feeling a bit weary from our travels. We’ve seen a lot and had many impressions. Java is constant noise and dust and people. It’s fun and wonderful but everyone gets tired. And when I get tired, I chose to rest. And what better way to rest than to go to the cinema.

Around lunch time we head out to the Paragon Mall. There’s a XXI cinema here showing some English language movies. We choose Hitman: Agent 47. I don’t know what it’s about but suspect (correctly it turns out) that it is based on the computer game with the same name. The seats are comfortable, the popcorn delicious and the movie is fast-paced and entertaining. To be honest, I quite enjoy the simplicity of this action thriller with the smooth calm assassin in his blood red tie and mysterious black coat.

There is a sports store at Paragon Mall amd it has a sale. I find a nice pair of running shoes in my size for a good price and also get a running shirt and shorts. If I’m going to be serious about sticking to my training and fitness regime I should have more than one running outfit. Besides, Paul says I will look hot in it … Haha.
 photo 11058791_1642217819323677_7401592704040418401_n_zpstive0dhw.jpg

 photo 11896077_1642217852657007_7233732522990060743_n_zpsmolyjmww.jpg
We return to the hotel and I do a bit more work before we take a taxi to The Park Mall at Solo Baru. No Escape is playing at 9:25pm in the Premiere class theatre. My cousins have told us their friends went to Premiere class in Solo Baru and that it was an amazing cinema. They weren’t wrong. For 50,000IDR ($AU5) we are treated to reclining seats and blankets as we watch the movie with full loud surround sound. Usually Premiere class costs 100,000IDR ($AU10) and regular tickets range from 40,000-60,000IDR ($AU4-6) so this is a particularly cheap price, even for Indonesia.

No Escape is not a movie you should watch if you are traveling South East Asia. We had no idea what to expect. In fact, I thought it was going to be some terrible Owen Wilson comedy. But it isn’t. It’s powerful, hard-hitting and scary. We both were so affected by the cinematography and story-telling that we were on edge for the whole 4.5km (3 mile) midnight walk back to our hotel (we didn’t see any taxis or becaks except those in which the driver was sleeping). Not that we needed to be on edge; it’s just that a good movie will ensnare you in its emotion.

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