My stomach just is too fussy

So this is a random post to interrupt my travel logs to share that my stomach is just too fussy. Every time I eat street food here in Indonesia I get sick. Not just a little bit of diarrhea but I get full blown gastroenteritis complete with increased body temperature, feinting, nausea, stomach cramps, bloating and a desire to vomit every time I think about eating. There doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it. I wish it were different but last time I came here I had the same problem.

Last night I saw a doctor who gave me a mix of medicines: antibiotics, anti-nausea tablets, anti-reflux tablets and a mix or paracetamol with something else. I felt much better after taking the tablets last night but then got some horrible side effects from the antibiotics: watery stools. I was on the toilet about 20 times last night and spent a lot of time sitting in the shower with the water flowing over me to try to find some relief. This morning I decided to stop taking the antibiotic and the flow is slowing. The other tablets seem to be helping reduce my other symptoms so I can actually go out to do stuff today.

But it still doesn’t resolve my primary issue: as soon as I eat street food I will be sick again. In the past 72 hours all I’ve been able to keep down is two spoons of soup, half a dozen slices of watermelon, two scoops of ice cream, a small bowl of fried noodles and two slices of bread. I have been drinking as much as I can: water, sports drink and unsweetened hot tea.

I want to come to Indonesia more often. We both love it here. There are lots of mountains to hike and places to see. We’ve barely scratched the surface of this huge country. But I will need to find out a way to manage my fussy stomach for future visits.

9 thoughts on “My stomach just is too fussy

  1. Sorry you are having such a hard time with your stomach! It might be that you just have to pack a lunch or dinner instead of buying out. I’m sure when you travel there you are wanting an authentic experience, food included. Here’s to hoping your stomach settles. I would love to visit Indonesia someday. It looks so beautiful.

      • Bali is little Australia. I have to admit I’ve never been but Indonesia is this huge country with amazing things to see and experience. Where it is touristy everything is more expensive and less real. Hawkers hassle. Drunk tourists stumble. Hotels cost more than $30 a night for something fantastic. There’s so much culture here that it is a shame most people limit themselves to Bali, Bromo and Borobudur. The odd adventurous one might go to Gili or Lombok. It’s so much more fun being the only foreigner than to be one of the crowd.

  2. I think the meat may be a problem. I’m a veggie (apart from fish), in Nepal I only had one problem when I had a cup of tea in a monastery that was ‘boggin’. I also avoided food I knew had been washed & not cooked. Looks like the different bugs in Asia have it in for you.

    • I worked it out … Watermelon and other melons. They are pumped full of water to get better price at market. And guess where the water comes from? The fields … That and food her is flavoursome while at home we flavour with salt and pepper only. Maybe some fresh herbs. All my food in Oz is fresh. Here everything is friend in dirty oil. And I don’t intend to be a vegetarian. It is okay for some but not for me.

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