Sunday morning in Probolinggo (East Java, Indonesia)

Last night Wijaya (our Couch Surfing host) told us that there would be a walking street at the Alun Alun this morning. So I wake early and am not disappointed.

 photo 11890982_1639344516277674_1406148221787165036_n_zpsmrvpupnw.jpg

 photo 11885063_1639344549611004_1642078456070068734_n_zpsqs5rlyt3.jpg

There are market stalls selling all manner of food, drink, clothes and trinkets. Without the usual buzz of scooters it is easy to meander through the crowd taking everything in. 

 photo 11951981_1639344652944327_6330863420743248288_n_zpsjgxfskzz.jpg

In the Alun Alun itself young men play soccer.

 photo 11873799_1639344672944325_476563249383573753_n_zps1bc9cts5.jpg

Roller blade in a small tiled area.

 photo 11947615_1639344699610989_421668979185693576_n_zpscpuq2etf.jpg

And play volleyball.

 photo 11951985_1639344569611002_8810871070987175036_n_zpsvgsm3ofp.jpg

 photo 11873793_1639344586277667_5294498578634378846_n_zpsvljphfqm.jpg

 photo 11880451_1639344602944332_7630293927281522639_n_zpstmj4lfq0.jpg

 photo 11954800_1639344636277662_5948903785378146544_n_zpsvqbug8vm.jpg

A crowd gathers as a monkey handler puts on a show. The monkey dresses up as a soldier and cowboy, pushes a kaki lima (food stall) and rides a motorbike. I suspend judgement on the grounds that a traveler should view events in context, recognising that judgement comes from applying our own cultural norms and expectations on those who allow us to be guests in their lands. And so I watch as children smile laugh and parents enjoy seeing their children happy.

We head to the Bromo for the day armed with hints and tips from our host. But I will write about that in a separate post. 


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