Malang old and new (East Java, Indonesia)

We’re both feeling much better after “enjoying” traveler’s bellies for a few days. We’ve stopped eating street food to let our stomachs settle and that seems to have done the trick. So we’re ready to walk.  

 photo 11900083_1639281636283962_8231815546824239217_n_zpsj1c5bzrk.jpg

 photo 11903890_1639281622950630_6127844407502272729_n_zpsftwn72zl.jpg

 photo 11873646_1639281646283961_1225223573829482806_n_zpsobxjttdr.jpg

We start with a walk to the train station to buy our tickets for tomorrow’s trip to Probolinggo. At first the process seems complicated and slow because there are people standing around waiting for the numbers to be called. So we take a number and realise there are literally 100 people ahead of us. I watch people filling in forms so do the same. Google told us we need to change train in Bima so it’s good that we saw the customer service area and take a ticket to go there too. We learn there is a direct train to Probolinggo tomorrow afternoon that only takes about 2.5 hours instead of the 4.5 hours that Google recommended. Customer service completes our form and sends us directly to a counter with just two people before us. Easy.  

 photo 11893272_1638128299732629_4325820321115418717_o_zpsjqzeaiqj.jpg

Tickets bought we can relax. Sort of. I mean, we are walking around a Javanese city dodging heavy traffic. This huge park in the photo is actually a roundabout. It’s peaceful despite being probably one of the busiest intersections in town. I could probably lay on the grass quite happily with my eyes closed soaking up the atmosphere. Instead we continue walking. Behind our hotel there are quiet back streets with modern houses. These are a stark contrast to the hovels that line the filthy creek here in town. Here, these houses are mansions though some are probably no bigger than the house I sold last year. How life has changed. Living in such a huge house seems so unnecessary to me now.

 photo 11870766_1638128339732625_3437518357834271790_n_zpsdfmbetua.jpg

 photo 11934953_1638128359732623_4310630370026402309_n_zpscegysejz.jpg

The military museum is nearby so we go there. Entry is by donation. The collection is extensive but uncurated. There is just stuff everywhere: guns, trophies, flags, an old car and these random old computers. The computers make me think about my dad who worked on some of the first commercial computers way back early in his career. He told me stories about computers that took up whole rooms so I bet he remembers these old clunkers too. They even have punch card.

 photo 11923241_1638128369732622_1902866027955650949_n_zpsyy0pzv7n.jpg

 photo 11888046_1638128389732620_4849282591220311220_n_zpsrmhvzjk4.jpg

Leaving the museum we walk down Ijen Boulevard. It is a famous road here in Malang because the style is so colonial. I feel like I am back in Orlando, which I visited with my sister in 2012. I almost expect to see American pickups driving past instead of the zippy scooters.

 photo 11888121_1638128409732618_2693815129026674703_n_zps8ekynn0y.jpg

It’s hot outside and there’s a reflexology shop on a side street so we indulge. Sure, we have an appointment for tonight but at 50,000IDR ($AU5) an hour it can’t hurt to have another. Well, it sure can hurt. The massage men had sting bony fingers that found every tender spot on my feet and calves. I do my best not to pull my feet away; flinching often. The masseuse doesn’t speak or understand English so no point asking for softer. Besides, it’s probably good for my muscles.

 photo 11873736_1638128423065950_5807538463076760219_n_zps4ewgwwbw.jpg

 photo 11890026_1638128443065948_5272288835359850310_o_zpsamdzllc5.jpg

After 10km walking we reach Toko Oen (actually only 1km from our hotel but we like to explore on foot). It’s a colonial institution that has seen better days and the food is (quite frankly) terrible and expensive. But hey, you can’t come to Indonesia and not try experience colonialism. It’s part of the story here.

 photo 11914899_1638130379732421_6128107511964633511_n_zps7psn3jcu.jpg

 photo 11885374_1638130306399095_3012313873365115698_n_zpsje3qtfun.jpg

 photo 11899760_1638130386399087_9032494725899650398_n_zpsozw2why7.jpg

Hunger not satisfied we stop at the Houtenhand bar. We’ve been eyeing this cute place off since we arrived. It is hipster cool done to perfection. This is definitely the future of Java. It’s creative, ingenious and stylish. The bar would be popular in any global city, particularly because it is not overpriced. And I want to make a cassette tape lamp fitting at home too like the one I saw here.

 photo 11951839_10153484254606181_6828422399326967103_n_zps3rqr7z9a.jpg

We end our old and new Malang day back at the park in the roundabout. The flowers are lit up now and cheerfully smile on us. It’s funny how the smallest thing can bring so much joy.

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