Sidebar: Getting fit again

Before I started this adventure of travel, I was quite fit. I trained consistently in trail running, mountain biking and road cycling. I was able to ride a 200km Audax cycle even relatively comfortably within the 13:30 cut off. I had run a marathon and completed a 50km ultramarathon. My chosen sport was adventure racing and I could get around a 12 hour course comfortably.

But over the past year I have let my fitness slip. Yes, I cycle tour. But I tour slowly. I also hike but I haven’t done many long hikes over 10km (6 miles). And I certainly haven’t done any running. It’s like I’ve had a little over a year to decompress and learn a new way of living. But it’s taken it’s toll on my body.

When I look at myself in photos I am starting to see a return of the stomach that I had way back in 2011 when I started my past journey to fitness. When I look at the scales I see that I have gained 10kg (22lbs) in the past year. And when I buy clothes, I have gone from a 32″ waist to a stage where a 36″ waist feels very snug. It’s the result of a year of travel food, treats and intermittent exercise.

Life is good and I am enjoying it. But I have to find a balance. I love feeling fit and knowing I can tackle any adventure that comes my way. I wasn’t ready to pursue my fitness again until now. But now I am motivated and have established a new routine for when I return home to help me stick to it.

To begin, I am doing the Couch to 5km program. I have been making videos of each time I go running since week 1 day 2. And I will continue to do so throughout the program. Here’s my first five videos:

Week 1 Day 2 – I ran along the beach at home. Week 1 involved 5 minute warm up, 8 x 60 secs running and 90 secs walking, and a 5 minute cool down.

Week 1 Day 3 – I ran in Yogyakarta

Week 2 Day 1 – I ran in Malang. Week 2 involved 5 minute warm up, 6 x 90 secs running and 2 mins walking, and a 5 minute cool down.

Week 2 Day 2 – Still in Malang I ran a similar route as the previous session

Week 2 Day 3 – This morning I ran again in Malang. But this time I ran through quiet streets and along Ijen Boulevard.

My next run will be on Tuesday when I will start week 3. That will be in Semarang and will involved a 5 minute warm up, 2 x 90 sec running and 90 sec walking, 3 min running and 3 min walking, and a 5 min cool down. I actually feel a bit excited about the next session because it’s an excuse to make photos and videos.


8 thoughts on “Sidebar: Getting fit again

  1. I’m kind of in the same boat. I was all gung ho last year, determined to get fit again after beating cancer, then I spent a month on the east coast when my daughter had a baby and got busy/lazy. And it didn’t help that we had two birthdays and a grandbaby to celebrate all in the same month, and we partied hearty on cupcakes and other sweets. Sweets are always my downfall. This week I started doing strength training again, am doing some type of cardio on the days I don’t run, and am trying to do yoga every day. The strength training is so boring to me, but I know it will improve my running, so I’m sticking with it this time! You’ll get back in shape and drop those pounds quickly. You never stay still for long!

    • Always so good to hear from you Angela 🙂 I’m not sure why your comment got stuck in my unapproved comments. But you’re here now 🙂
      I think perhaps sometimes we need to give our bodies and minds time to recover from big life changes. Sometimes I guess that means we gain some weight and get unfit for a time. It’s difficult isn’t it 🙂 My weakness is also anything sweet. Especially chocolates and donuts and ice cream. haha.

      Well done on sticking to the strength training. I hate doing that. I get bored too. And yoga will also help you. I don’t do that either. I should stretch but never quite find the time. But the C25K is really great for me. I’ve never stuck to it before. It will be a challenge sticking to it in Turkey when I am hiking the Lycian Way but I am determined to find a way. After-all, it’s only 30 minutes of my day. I can always find that.

  2. It’s wonderful to hear your voice, even if the music was a little loud. And you have such a beautiful smile! Thank you for sharing, and good luck on your journey! (As always). I hope to be back commenting more. I’ve missed reading blogs these past few months.

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