Malioboro Ekspres from Yogyakarta to Malang (East Java, Indonesia)

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Our time in Yogyakarta has come to an end and it’s time for us to move on to Malang. Unlike my last trip to Java, we are using public transport to move around the island so it’s off to the train station.

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I expect chaos at the station but find order and calm. Mind you, this is Yogyakarta’s Executive Class station. We sprung the extra money for the comfortable train, rather than economy because we’re here for a good time and I rather pay $20 for a comfortable day than suffer away to save $10.

We board around 7:15am and take our relatively comfortable seats. It’s all very civilised really. There’s air conditioning, wait staff who bring a menu through the carriage so that we can order food or beverages throughout the journey. Security guards monitor tickets and passengers to ensure that we don’t have to worry about theft from strangers who have not bought a ticket. There’s even a power point to allow us to charge our devices throughout the 8 hour trip.

 photo 11895959_1637327779812681_7326168804989156193_n_zpszxhvhona.jpg

 photo 11898643_1637327826479343_6465176627603222598_n_zps3sckwrct.jpg

We settle in. Paul sleeps and I work. As I do, I keep half an eye on the scenery passing by the window. The farmlands and jungles are pretty out there. I am grateful to be able to work on a laptop on a train, rather than with a hoe in the fields out there. And I know that it’s but for the grace of God that I am not out there.

 photo 11888010_1637328076479318_6524124945700766307_n_zpssmrvn0tr.jpg

 photo 11873411_1637328089812650_3147800362398694401_n_zpsviufkyhj.jpg

We arrive in Malang with only a half hour delay. That’s apparently not too bad for Java. The city is a jumble of old roofs, masses of scooters and bright signs. It’s definitely cooler here than Yogyakarta too, being about 400m higher above sea-level.

 photo 11899929_1637328103145982_3002458578372382417_n_zpsyqoco3r1.jpg

We check into our hotel and the fact that McDonald’s is right next door doesn’t escape either of us. I mention that I could go the simplicity of Maccas given the nausea that is still plaguing me (at least the trots are mostly gone). He has been thinking the same thing and so we throw our gear in the room and head back downstairs to eat double cheese burgers and fries.

 photo 11230781_1637552333123559_3393159536329913066_n_zpsgdiywmuy.jpg

 photo 11885259_1637552413123551_6249490832408499130_n_zpsp6z0fmmy.jpg

We head out for a walk to the Alun Alun Malang. It’s fantastic. There’s a huge beautiful mosque across the road and people relaxing in the park.

 photo 11898633_1637552429790216_3810125739951040676_n_zpslbnvhvjj.jpg

We then head out to find a massage. There’s a place about 5 minutes walk from our hotel and it’s fantastic. We get a 60 minute leg and foot massage with foot cupping to finish for 50,000IDR ($AU5). The massage place is modern, clean and turns out to be highly recommended on Trip Advisor – so it’s not a dingy back alley place. We end our day by making a reservation for a two hour massage tomorrow night. Welcome to Malang.

2 thoughts on “Malioboro Ekspres from Yogyakarta to Malang (East Java, Indonesia)

  1. Nice. Thete used to be some botanical gardens in malang. You can also visit the monkey forest from there, with a huge waterfall. Have fun at this next station. The cool air will help too!

    • We will have a look online tonight to see where they are and whether we go there tomorrow. Today we are going to Batu to see some places that the family went to for their holiday.

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