Indonesia 70th Merdeka Parade Malang (East Java, Indonesia)

One of the magical things about travel is that sometimes the coolest things happen when you least expect it. Today we had a late start, not heading out until lunch time. We’ve been staying up ridiculously late every night and now Paul has traveler’s gut so we just take it easy. Have I mentioned before that we’re here for a good time not extreme traveling.

 photo 11896088_1637557963122996_3955993801147427229_n_zpsjfu2mtbq.jpg

 photo 11866306_1637557999789659_5347108372857462227_n_zps8zmk6tae.jpg

I do some Trip Advisor research and find a cafe that looks promising so that’s where we head for lunch. On our way there we notice that something is happening. There are more toy and food vendors than usual.

 photo 11118818_1637558099789649_1387063875417236683_o_zpsbqwkwtbp.jpg

A crowd lines the street that leads to the cafe.

 photo 11870713_1637558039789655_5905999465768816332_n_zps8y1mn6qf.jpg

 photo 11902278_1637558066456319_7089815077303185918_n_zps2vesdszc.jpg

It just gets busier as we near the cafe and it’s obvious there will be a parade here today. We figure the cafe is probably a great place to wait. The cafe has a small menu with a mix of Western and Indonesian foods. We both order cheeseburgers and orange juice. Here’s the thing about Indonesia: you can buy cheap as chips street food on the one hand and delicious reasonably priced restaurant foods.

 photo 11241434_1637558156456310_3481967640534976626_n_zpsv3ztfgio.jpg

 photo 11889445_1637558213122971_827949872866675301_n_zpsaplqrimg.jpg

 photo 11904695_1637558433122949_4713449235869942210_n_zpss3kp0hku.jpg

 photo 11903978_1637558263122966_7421719855343405223_n_zpselxi7wuj.jpg

 photo 11915112_1637558203122972_7476526086488902094_n_zpsqpqwarab.jpg

And then the parade begins with an American style marching band followed by lots and lots of traditional floats. The music is live and the smiles real.

 photo 11894521_1637558159789643_5136893412574764303_o_zpsgp6a5zsm.jpg

 photo 11215858_1637558499789609_8524251079144695278_n_zpsk7xowy5g.jpg

 photo 11056437_1637558593122933_8042165932183900919_o_zpsfam5bfce.jpg

The spectators are just as interesting as the floats. Scooters are parked everywhere and for the first half of the parade cars keep driving down the road.

 photo 11870841_1637558319789627_6116550929176371906_n_zpslah12sk1.jpg

People steal flowers from the floats.

 photo 11224057_1637558533122939_4616068556651710496_n_zps25xsngx6.jpg

And famous Javanese smiles abound.

 photo 11899833_1637558603122932_7954539657872735642_n_zps9w1qteim.jpg

Almost two hours after it started the last floats enter the street and the spectators decide it’s time to leave. The traffic jam that ensues is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. People start riding their scooters away while there are still floats coming towards them.

 photo 11924908_1637558643122928_2162723141608086942_n_zpscm0jwdhe.jpg

 photo 11880352_1637558679789591_1258764092699055215_n_zpsianjchxm.jpg

 photo 11904644_1637558666456259_4829542244595721582_n_zpsodij829e.jpg
Whole families straddle their legs across scooter seats. This is the most economical family “car” there is around. I can’t help but wonder what these families must think of Australians’ general belief that motorbikes are dangerous and our unwillingness to take even one child on the back of a bike, let alone three. How different things are across our planet

4 thoughts on “Indonesia 70th Merdeka Parade Malang (East Java, Indonesia)

  1. A brilliant blog, with great photos, so good you’ve concentrated on the crowds. Interesting the way the parents have helmets on, but not the children. Do you know what the celebration was for?

    • The celebration was for 70 years Independence of Indonesia. The helmet thing is so funny. It is a requirement by law that motorbike riders wear helmets but there is no clarity around passengers (I.e. Children). At night here no one wears a helmet … So the police must not enforce the law at night time. Haha. Most adult helmets are not done up either. Oh and they won’t do anything. Think of the flimsiest old school hard hat you’ve ever held … Hehe.

      I love crowds and group behaviour. Probably because I like to believe we humans are all connected.

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