Royal Brisbane Show (Ekka) (Queensland, Australia)

After a week in the bush it is quite appropriate that we should spend an afternoon at the Royal Brisbane Show (affectionately known to locals as the Ekka). The Ekka is a huge agricultural show complete with cake baking and photography competitions, artistic vegetable displays, livestock displays, equestrian, wood chop and rail spiking competitions, side show alley, show bags and nightly fireworks. It’s a chance for farmers and country folk to show off their skills while city folk get to hang out and enjoy the experience.

I’ve only been to the Ekka four times in my life. That’s pretty much sacrilege, given that the Ekka is such an important cultural experience that the whole city gets a public holiday on Wednesday for “People’s Day”. But Paul goes every year and checks out every pavilion. So let me share with you the sights and colours of the Ekka:

 photo 11811535_1634838903394902_1361228290692187362_n_zpszj459xms.jpg

 photo 11817235_1634838953394897_2605611211978801580_n_zpsfr1qchk4.jpg

 photo 11221458_1634838916728234_9095160550060205579_n_zps9ezoznw7.jpg

 photo 11822666_1634838983394894_6418639076773369982_n_zpsinuvvfa2.jpg

 photo 11813310_1634839306728195_4967852076316936199_n_zpscw7wmsbb.jpg

 photo 11143625_1634839030061556_6391718963427058280_n_zpsuwac7ddj.jpg

 photo 11828708_1634839080061551_1916386936132919978_n_zpsypgm4jal.jpg

 photo 11831800_1634839046728221_7363569360473002948_n_zpsq7fkjw4n.jpg

 photo 11813278_1634839120061547_9092403222844354818_n_zps5a1zgqxw.jpg

 photo 11141339_1634839100061549_6168743410707203737_n_zpsqiv7tkqb.jpg

 photo 11825957_1634839150061544_9054517970435228818_n_zpsycf1xlqh.jpg

 photo 11828787_1634839240061535_5377689832097974861_n_zpsmveoil1p.jpg

 photo 11846541_1634839263394866_1978166284442707813_n_zpsdfhjkooo.jpg

 photo 11846542_1634839283394864_7856221608775866205_n_zps0fzyrj03.jpg

 photo 11826016_1634839370061522_2727411951862946220_n_zpsi28p2bk0.jpg

 photo 11822393_1634839186728207_603303056781449539_n_zpsgbiulsyy.jpg

I love the way we live.


4 thoughts on “Royal Brisbane Show (Ekka) (Queensland, Australia)

  1. You’re right. If you live Queensland (especially within a couple of hours of Brisbane) and you’ve ONLY been 4 times in your life – that IS sacrilege!
    On the other hand, the other thing that you can almost be guaranteed to pick up from the Ekka is whatever cold/flu is currently doing the rounds.
    It’s certainly been a while since I’ve been, but one year I’d definitely like to bring Stephen up and show him how Queenslanders do it! The Ekka is quite different from the Melbourne Show; it’s held onto the agriculture nature better. 🙂

    • I was raised in a family that didn’t do the Ekka because it’s expensive for what it is. That’s why I haven’t been often. But it was a fun afternoon out.

      Yeah, the Ekka is very agricultural. I think it will change in the future as the area around the RNA showgrounds gets more developed and space gets tighter. I think then the commercial element will be stronger. Mind you, it might not because we have Dreamworld, Seaworld and Movie World up here where you can ride amusement rides for a lot less money than at the Ekka ($8 for a basic ride or $15 for the big rides when you can get an annual pass to theme parks for about $100 with unlimited entry for 12 months). And there’s truckloads of farmers at the show …

      • Yes, it’s not a cheap day out if you want show bags and rides (as most kids do). I don’t think we went every year for that reason.
        Having that space set aside is definitely one reason why the Ekka hasn’t been ‘trashed’ yet like the Melbourne show pretty much has. The space here has been whittled down to next-to-nothing. The animals have to take their turns at being shown – pigs one day, sheep the next, then dairy cows type of thing. Horses are still popular so they get a run on the one small field left, but I couldn’t say that more people aren’t attracted to the field by the dirt bikes and performance driving displays that follow. There are still wood chopping events (they’re always good to watch) and rural businesses in another pavilion selling produce and ideas, but otherwise it’s not what it (apparently) used to be.

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