Cecil Plains to Brisbane (Queensland, Australia)

It’s freezing cold when we wake up. The weather report shows that the temperature is about 3 degrees below freezing (27 Farenheit). I hide under the blankets typing on my laptop to get some work done. I make a lot of typos due to the cold affecting my fingers. I can’t work out whether I like the cold or not. I probably like it because it’s a change from the relatively warm weather I’ve been experiencing on my travels this year.

Eventually we haul ourselves out of bed. We can hear Paul’s aunt is up and about. She worked night shift last night so the sun is already high in the eastern sky as we drink tea in the sunshine on the veranda. I cook up a breakfast of eggs and beans, which we eat in the warm sunshine overlooking the fields. We stay out on the veranda drinking cups of tea and chatting for hours.

 photo 11800012_1634177980127661_1150490868553507761_n_zps9v9i281x.jpg

It’s after 1pm when we finally start moving. That means we’ve been sitting around for about four hours talking. It’s always a good sign when time passes quickly. We drive down the driveway and back out onto the road home.

 photo 11863258_1634177993460993_4001734538255180503_n_zpsfaewyhg8.jpg

As we drive east across the plains we can see the Great Dividing Range coming into sight in the distance. It’s kind of surreal because crossing it will mark the end of our adventure. That will be a shame.

 photo 11811487_1634178013460991_825657040880809046_n_zpsrbcowaje.jpg

 photo 11728975_1634178040127655_1840596104855245673_o_zpsmammsmet.jpg

We take in the last of the farmland scenery. Silos and isolated farm houses dot the roadside.

 photo 20604_1634178053460987_4395126619668285178_n_zpsbeesswat.jpg

Stopping to collect another geocache hidden under some random out of place willows.

 photo 11828555_1634178143460978_209416521098634189_n_zpsswdelny3.jpg

And then it’s over. We enter the hustle and bustle of Toowoomba with its clogged roads. For some reason there is no easy way through this city on the range. The population of the city is 110,000 people but the city’s size is limited by its geography at the top of the Great Dividing Range. I always hate driving through Toowoomba. I’m sure it’s a lovely city but the traffic lights, hill starts and lack of flow always frustrate me too much to stop here. Maybe I also dislike the city because it tends to mark the end of Outback adventures and a return to the city. So we stop for a quick lunch then drop down the range, cross the Lockyer Valley, zip through the tunnels and join the Friday afternoon commuter traffic to our home.

It’s been a wonderful adventure. We’ve decided to do it more often when I’m home. I’m deciding whether to buy a station wagon or campervan so that we can do it with a little more comfort and easier packing. We’ll only be home a few days before we head off to Java, which will be a total contrast to the space and quiet of the Australian bush.

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