Redcliffe to Redlands Walk – Jim Soorley Bikeway (Queensland, Australia)

 photo 20110_1629395543939238_6237381014433242328_n_zpsppeudgmn.jpg

Paul drops me off at Nudgee Road where I left off my walk two days ago. I had logistic issues yesterday so couldn’t continue my hike but today the rain has eased off so it will be a nicer day for walking anyway. The dark water of Kedron Brook creates reflections of the boats moored here at its mouth. It’s quiet and peaceful on the muddy banks despite being so close to the highway. I can see why the boaties might choose to stay here.

 photo 11754568_1629395560605903_8798420972028149092_o_zpsuelzw9yy.jpg

The first section of the Jim Soorley Bikeway takes me across the swamp on a boardwalk. It’s muddy down there and I’m glad not to have to walk through it. It’s pretty and the muddy grass seems to absorb surrounding sound.

 photo 11741253_1629395613939231_1350194180173219056_o_zpsplhqidzv.jpg

Once off the boardwalk the path is bitumen all the way to Toombul. It’s a relatively springy surface compared with the concrete paths I have been walking on since setting off a week ago. For most of my walk Kedron Brook will be on my left and the grasslands on my right. In the distance, cars and trucks rumble down the Gateway Motorway but the surrounding nature and distance muffles it enough to leave me feeling relaxed in nature.

 photo 10984111_1629395630605896_1083445955141079889_n_zpsimbekqvr.jpg

It’s lovely walking with clouds reflecting on Kedron Brook.

 photo 11224117_1629395687272557_4221010001810629443_n_zpsv09wr0ix.jpg

And air roots dropping out of Moreton Bay fig trees seeking the earth.

 photo 11752587_1629395667272559_2343229716736426362_n_zpszorpaanu.jpg

I didn’t expect to enjoy this leg of the walk because on a bicycle it’s a bit dull. But walking is slower so I see and experience more than when rolling through at 20kph. The 9.5km walk is a wonderful way to start the day. I have now walked 45km towards my goal and 69.5km in total including return legs.


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