2016 will bring big changes

2014 and 2015 have been all about freedom and exploration. But 2016 will bring big changes. I have decided to undertake an Honours year as part of the Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education that I have been studying since 2013. In addition, I will have to complete two practicums as well so will be tied down with a year of study. The wonderful thing for me is that I have wanted to find time to dedicate myself to research but study has always been something I’ve done as a secondary pursuit to full time work. So it is exciting to have next year free to pursue some academic pursuits while only working part-time.

I will still be traveling next year but not as much as this year. Instead, I will squeeze in some shorter adventures around Oceania between my studies with a longer trip to Hungary with Paul during the midyear holiday.

But for now, I am loving the freedom of being able to travel whenever I like. the 2016 academic year doesn’t start until late February / early March and only really lasts 26 weeks (March – June and August – October). So it’s really just a relatively short change of pace.


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