Mt Ngungun (Glasshouse Mountains, Australia)

My mum, her cousins from Holland, and my sister and her kids had organised a day trip to the Glasshouse Mountains. Naturally, I had to invite myself along for the adventure. The Glasshouse Mountains are a group of volcanic peaks just north of Brisbane. There are hiking and climbing trails to the top of some of the peaks. The walking trails are short and the climbing routes are exposed. But don’t let that stop you exploring this beautiful part of the world.

 photo 11693827_10153372348511181_4506793685031844404_n_zpst4fehuad.jpg

Naturally, as soon as we hit the trail the kids took off like rockets. This was after they had been kicking soccer and footballs around the small picnic area at the start of the trail for about an hour.

 photo 11695986_10153372348901181_1651915871193140946_n_zpssxlqounu.jpg

The kids might be young and small but that didn’t stop them motoring all the way up the mountain, from the smooth sandy track through the ferns to the rocky ascent above the ferns. It was fun to watch their energy and enthusiasm.

 photo 11403132_10153372349031181_4895674942219895973_n_zpsexvviaf5.jpg

The very top of the climb is exposed and crosses a rocky ridge. The edges are steep but not high. The kids loved it. (I should mention that there was never any risk of injury or falling. The photos make it look worse than it is).

 photo 11693951_10153372349216181_608364158772868132_n_zpsbhwxyr4l.jpg

1.4km (1 mile) from the start of the walk, we reached the summit. With 360′ views it’s a stunning place. You can see the other Glasshouse Mountains, the sea in the distance and the farmlands in between. As far as hikes go, this one is short and simple but that’s no reason not to do it.

 photo 11665541_10153371928196181_6619834591365969972_n_zpspvpftuuq.jpg

Naturally, there were lots of selfies to be taken at the summit. In the photo above my sister is taking a photo of my mum huddled with her grand kids. When I think of all the kids who are not allowed to do this and not allowed to do that, I feel sad because when kids are allowed to adventure they love it and it builds resilience. Yes, you could panic that they might fall or stress about the kids whining if they are tired. But in reality, kids don’t take stupid risks if they are used to the outdoors and they don’t tire as easily as we adults often believe. I am glad my sister is raising her kids the way we were raised … because this increases the likelihood that they will be confident to live an adventurous life as adults. It means they are less likely to waste their days in front of reality television instead of creating their own realities.


5 thoughts on “Mt Ngungun (Glasshouse Mountains, Australia)

  1. It’s a great walk. Although you mightn’t believe how much some of my friends complained when we climbed it some years back (probably about 10yrs ago now…). They were probably hoping for boardwalk. An escalator was definitely on their wishlist. Pity the summit cafe I promised was a joke they didn’t get…

  2. I’ve enjoyed Ngungun a few times. It’s a lovely climb and a very friendly trail to share. It’s been awhile since I’ve been there so I really enjoyed seeing your photos Andrew.

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