Reflections on Hungary

I had no idea what to expect when I booked my trip to Hungary. I based my decision to travel there on the recommendation of two Hungarian backpackers who I met at Mt Fuji. Before booking the flight I had been seriously considering walking the Camino de Saniago de Compastella. I was ready to book flights but something was stopping me. I guess I realised that I am not looking for a sense of myself. Yes, like all travellers I am searching. But while I was in Hungary I realised that it’s not me I’m trying to find. Rather, I am trying to discover the world and the way I want to live in it. And that’s a very different quest to the one that had previously drawn me to the Camino pilgrimage many years ago when I first started thinking about wanting to do it.

Hungary was an amazing experience. I loved the castles, thermal baths and people. The quiet country roads and plentiful cycle routes made cycling a dream. The plentiful clean, secure and quiet camping grounds with first class facilities made finding a place to sleep simple. And the delicious, cheap and plentiful pastries made eating pleasurable.

My pace of travel in Hungary was different. I rode long mileages but felt more like I was on holidays than an adventure. It was a nice feeling. Though I did miss the adventure too.

The long and short is that I loved Hungary as a country. I am already saving to return next year with Paul to drive around and see some more of Hungary and either Slovakia or Slovenia. But for now, I have been home for a week and am settling back in to life in Oz for the next six weeks before Paul and I travel to Indonesia. My blog might be quiet but I will share some of my adventures while I’m home.


9 thoughts on “Reflections on Hungary

  1. Following you on this journey, Andrew, it became clear early on how much you were enjoying it, though it didn’t seem as dramatic as your previous cycling trip. However, you seem to find joy wherever you go, so I guess that you’re getting pretty close to 42 though, of course, you’ll never actually get to 42. It’s always going to be the journey, never the unknown destination.

    • Yeah I loved Hungary. It was definitely a more relaxed trip. I think knowing where I would sleep at night helped. This is definitely something that I need to try to work within this personal need on future trips too.

      I am definitely learning to enjoy the moments. It’s a good lesson. Doesn’t stop me planning the next adventures though 😉

  2. Slovenia is gorgeous, with a mini Venice in Piran by the sea, up to the mountains, lakes and rivers. Plus World War II remains, earthquake remnants and all. We traveled by train & bus & loved it.

  3. Hi Andrew

    Just been sent a link to your blog as I’m off to Hungary in September. A great read and has really whetted my appetite. Won’t be following exactly the same route but you’ve definitely made me more impatient to get there.
    Cheers, Huw

      • Hi. Got four weeks in total. Flying to Zagreb (times etc worked out better) then heading north into Hungary up the Austrian border. Quick visit to Vienna and hoping to see a bit of Slovakia before coming down to the Danube bend and heading south through the middle of Hungary, via Budapest, Lake Balaton and Pecs. Home from Zagreb!

      • I have heard the far western part of Hungary near the Austrian border is fantastic. I ran out of time to get there. Also there are some caves you can take a boat tour through in Tapolca not far from the northern side of Lake Balaton. A Hungarian friend posts pics last night.

      • I’ll let you know how it is. By the way, do you have any recommendations for maps in Hungary. I’m old fashioned and like the paper ones!

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