Batonyterenye to Budapest (Central Hungary)

The less said about my final day on the bike the better. I woke up wanting to stay in bed and couldn’t get motivated all day. So I’m just going to post some of the pics I took to show you the beautiful countryside that I will think about long after the memory of physical fatigue wears off.

 photo IMG_7809_zps60villry.jpg

 photo IMG_7811_zpsymrniypp.jpg

 photo IMG_7812_zpsjlk0dne2.jpg

 photo IMG_7814_zpsdrekpzgp.jpg

 photo IMG_7824_zpshrlrsmbv.jpg

The scenery was stunning.

 photo IMG_7815_zpsxsfxtduh.jpg

I had some sanity savers today when I was feeling low: Paul (thank you wonders of modern telephone communication), Coca Cola and Bounty bars.

 photo IMG_7823_zpsajeagvzm.jpg

I walked up all the steep hills today. It was as though Hungary was saving them for last. I had about four hills of 10 per cent and one of 15 per cent.

 photo IMG_7827_zpsmwklehmp.jpg

But then I reached the ferry across the Danube from Vac and saw lots of cycle tourers and my spirits lifted. I said hello but got no responses so they must all have been on shorter tours or not recognised me as a tourer due to my strange load.

 photo IMG_7832_zpsyuc2xztl.jpg

Riding along the Danube was lovely, as it has been every time I’ve come across it. I noticed how much I have become used to Hungary during this section of the ride. Twenty-four days ago when I left Budapest on this section of the Euro Velo 6 everything was new and odd. Now it is all familiar.

 photo IMG_7844_zpsa3ceepm2.jpg

With 8km to go I reach an area with lots of eateries and bufes. It’s a good time to stop for ice cream and a slushie on the Danube. Goodness knows it is my last day and this chance will not arise again too soon. I finally feel happy after 152km. Someone should have had a slushie machine and ice cream shop earlier. Haha

 photo IMG_7846_zpsfxnw6xup.jpg

The statues with the umbrellas are still there like they were a month ago. And I still like them a lot.

 photo IMG_7848_zpsdkhswsvp.jpg

And then the triumphant moment when I reach Parliament here in Budapest. All the stresses and frustrations of the day are gone. All the whining will soon be forgotten and the tired muscles will recover. What I will be left with are wonderful memories, amazing images and this moment standing with my bike in front of one of the world’s grandest structures.


5 thoughts on “Batonyterenye to Budapest (Central Hungary)

  1. What a great ride to come full circle with the flats and hills, county side and Danube, whining and estatic. A true Hungarian experience. And still a few days to chillax.

  2. So glad your spirits lifted Andrew – never underestimate the healing power of ice cream 🙂
    Congratulations on finishing your tour and sharing some wonderful scenery and insights along the way.

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