Reflections on my trip home (Brisbane, Australia)

 photo 11215711_1612872325591560_5728666371582252610_n_zpso2gv0cny.jpg

I am delighted to say that this trip home was blissful. It started with my traditional visit to my sister’s house to hang out and then wake early the next morning to make her children’s breakfasts and school lunches. This has become something of a tradition since my first trip home in September last year. My youngest nephew likes to write the date of my return on their family wall calendar and I look forward to the chaos of children in the morning.

 photo 11266703_1612872285591564_2743752063162408276_n_zpssucepyx8.jpg

 photo 10422024_1612436652301794_6806946643594174902_n_zpst9gyhkck.jpg

The first thing I did after the breakfast date was to pick up my fat bike. This new set of wheels has coloured my visit home and changed the way I have been living. There’s something magnificent about crossing the road and hitting the beach on two wheels. It’s a quiet and peaceful place to ride compared with the shared pedestrian and cycle pathway along the waterfront. I feel like I’m having an adventure every time I set off and I’ve had quite a few adventures this fortnight.

 photo 11147852_1612436695635123_6502131231134431727_n_zpsvili0lux.jpg

But it’s not all been family and bikes. Paul and I have shared some really lovely times together this fortnight, making up for our month apart. We’ve been out to visit friends, eaten out and been to the movies. We’ve lazed on the couch, walked along the waterfront and worked out in the gym. It’s not easy on either of us my travels but we both know I have to follow this Looking for 42 adventure through to its natural conclusion (whatever that might be). But at the same time the periods apart are probably good to help us get to know each other. It allows us to appreciate each other when we are together and to think outside the box for ways we want to live together. And I learned on my last visit home that I am not ready to settle down just yet.

 photo 11393183_1612668262278633_7332314272259347241_n_zpsxfposb42.jpg

 photo 11390019_1612668205611972_4001006091958581457_n_zps7ip4nhni.jpg

Next year I won’t have as much freedom to travel for a month at a time due to university commitments. But this trip home has taught me that there will be many other shorter adventures waiting for me close to home (both in Australia and in countries close to home). And then, when I am free again, more overseas adventures might await.

 photo 11377104_1612668162278643_8210358590416667665_n_zpswpkrox5o.jpg

But for now, as I write this, I am flying from Dubai to Budapest looking out the window at snow clad peaks that rise above deep dry valleys. We just flew over two massive blue lakes and past two volcanic peaks that looked like Mt Fuji and a tiny version of Mt Fuji. I can’t read the Arabic script on the flight path monitor so don’t know which country we are over but my limited knowledge of this area says it is probably Iran. The landscape looks amazing down there. And I find myself wondering what Hungary and Slovakia will bring.


9 thoughts on “Reflections on my trip home (Brisbane, Australia)

  1. Loving the look of your fat bike. I don’t know what they ride like but they look so cool. If you ever want to revisit your old stomping ground of Bayview on it let me know and I’ll see if I can tag along.

    • Hey Scott … The fat bike is so much fun to ride. I don’t have great balance when riding trails so the fat bike gives me confidence to ride harder than I used to on traditional MTB wheels. I’ll definitely let you know when I go riding at Bayview when I am back in Brissy. I’ll be back for about 6 weeks from 2 July and have a car I can borrow on weekends so will come down.

  2. I’m sorry to say I’ve been so busy I have not had a chance to follow your journey–and I surely miss it. Sounds like you and Paul are doing well. Safe journeys, hoping to read more about 42 🙂

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