The new fat bike

 photo IMG_20150519_071251_zpsn4n1k5ok.jpg

You might remember my excitement before I went to Japan after I bought a fat bike. Well, I picked it up last Thursday when I got home and haven’t looked back.

 photo IMG_20150515_093338_zpszzxprarw.jpg

 photo IMG_20150519_084426_zpsdibcmnqd.jpg

I have been hitting the local beaches almost every day to spin along feeling the 4.6″ tyres floating over the soft sand. Sometimes I ride when the tide is in, getting a serious workout. Other times the tide is out and the sand is not so difficult to cross (though our beach is relatively soft even at low tide).

 photo IMG_20150521_141556_zps0nwokbkk.jpg

 photo IMG_20150521_140724_zpsdbhmpc2v.jpg

Every ride feels like a holiday and the possibilities of where I can go feel endless. I haven’t even put my touring bike back together after unpacking it from the cardboard box. The fat bike is just so much fun to ride. And when the riding is fun I notice different things like the beach art some locals made and the view through a rock wall that I often pass.

 photo IMG_20150521_154438_zpsjb4aflpi.jpg

I rode out on a sand bar that I have wanted to explore since moving in here. Fishermen use it all the time, staying out until the tide covers their knees and thighs. I can see why because it’s peaceful and quiet out here.

 photo IMG_20150521_160552_zpsxzekvkhv.jpg

The fat bike opens up a whole new world of cycling. A world that is fun and relaxing. I am sure that it will also be challenging once I set off on some longer adventures on the new bike. I have a few modifications to make so that the bike is tour ready. But for now, it’s a play toy for riding at home and staying a little bike fit for my next tour.


8 thoughts on “The new fat bike

    • I used to ride road bikes too with ridiculously skinny 18mm tyres. It’s difficult to believe that was just a year ago. I can’t believe I am now riding a bike with 4.6″ tyres. It’s so much fun. But riding is riding. It’s just a matter of selecting the bike that suits what you want to do. Your road bike will be much better than a fat bike if you want to go fast 🙂

  1. Congratulations! I’ve also just bought a fatty – an Avanti Tracker. I’ve yet to give it a proper workout, or do a blog post – although that’s on the way – but it is simply incredible and so much fun.

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