Planning for Hungary

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Over the past year I haven’t done much in the way of planning my travels. This has led to some really fun off-the-beaten track adventures. I’ve taken roads that are less touristed and found myself in some great little villages and towns. One of the downsides is that I sometimes find myself pushing too many kilometers early in my trip and having too much time towards the end of the trip. In Korea this left me in Busan for a week and in Japan I ended up in Mito for a week. It also means that I have to route plan a lot on the go, which detracts from recovery and relaxation time.

In Malaysia, Paul and I prepared a plan, booked some accommodation and found the trip much more relaxing than our plan as we went trip in Thailand.

So for Hungary and Slovakia I am making a rough route plan. I have some really great maps of both countries that even have camping grounds marked. So now I am marking castles and thermal baths on the maps. A route is coming together through northern Hungary into Slovakia. I will mark up some distances so that I can easily work out the days available as I ride along to prevent myself from rushing. It will also help me contact a few Warm Showers or Couch Surfing hosts to see whether they are available when I am coming through their areas.

It’s fun to plan a little for my next trip. It is making me excited about the adventure. Next week I will pack and weigh my gear because I can only take 30kg check in baggage and 7kg carry on. The good thing is this means my panniers might be a bit lighter on this trip than they have been in the past.


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