Rest day in Mito (Honshu)

Some days I just need to rest. As in pretty much not get out of bed. I think it’s an important part of my travels to have these days out. And in Japan the rest days are even nicer with lots of cheap business hotels where one can have the privacy of your own room complete with bath tub in which to soak your weary muscles.

I wake early with the sun shining through my open bedroom window. It doesn’t take long to shower and fill the tub with hot water. An hour and a half later I am a prune, have written some blog posts and am ready to get out. A short walk takes me to Family Mart for chocolate milk and sandwiches. I also stock up on some 7-Eleven onigiri for lunch.  All set for a day in I return to my room and relax.

I don’t leave my room again until after 3pm, letting house keeping know they don’t need to clean (that would require me to leave). But around 3pm I figure I should take a walk to the shops around the train station.  It’s pleasant to see Japanese youth relaxing at their version of a mall. The biggest product line in the shop is electronic goods. There is morr electonica here than I’ve seen in one place outside of Korea.

The movie cinema and games hall are popular but no films seem to be in English so I give it a miss. Besides, I kind of don’t mind heading back to my room to watch TV shows in bed. So I leave the local youth to their devices and wander home. 

My laziness extends to dinner. It’s just too early for any izakayas to be serving food (its just gone 5pm) so I take a seat at the Denny’s downstairs from my hotel. It’s tragic but true. For some readkn eating alone is not so bad at this type of place. So I do a fusion feed of Caesar salad followed by seafood udon. It’s surprisingly delicious and cheap. Sure, many hardline travelers will only eat local foods. But that’s just not me. And besides,  Denny’s is foreign to me because we don’t have it in Australia. 

So there’s my day.  Possibly the dullest blog post ever written buy such a delightful day.


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