Melaka to Kuala Lumpur

After our late night last night, we laze around the hostel all morning eating breakfast, making use of the printer to print boarding passes for our departure from Malaysia (still four days away) and surfing the net. It’s almost midday when we finally leave and start the drive back to KLIA2 to return the hire car. The drive up the expressway is uneventful, as is the long taxi ride from KLIA2 to our hostel.
 photo 20150410_073529_zpsdjbjblq5.jpg
We are staying at one of those hostels where there are motivational signs everywhere. I like this one and think it’s very true of my current search for 42.
 photo 20150409_181420_zpsfmk6vp4y.jpg

 photo 20150409_182617_zpsr2muks3l.jpg
There’s very little to report today because we’re having a quiet one. But we did collect enough stickers at the 7-Eleven to get one of these cute 3D figurine puzzles.
 photo 20150409_185643_zpsmk8kkauz.jpg
And I saw that you can buy mashed potato from a vending machine at the 7-Eleven too. I’m not sure I’d try it but who knows … if I was hungry enough it might just taste good.
 photo 20150410_120508_zps4udczedv.jpg
And while I’m sharing totally random things, we have noticed that every shop in Malaysia seems to be hiring staff. There are so many ‘walk in interview’ signs everywhere. I don’t know whether this is a sign of economic growth or a sign that people don’t stay in their retail and hospitality jobs for long.

So, there’s not much to share from today. It was a transit and rest day. Tomorrow we will hit KL hard.

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