Melaka Butterfly and Reptile Park (Melaka)

 photo IMG_20150408_153428_zpslhwfjrdd.jpg
After being slightly disappointed by the Melaka Bird Sanctuary, I didn’t have much hope for the Melaka Butterfly and Reptile Park. But I needn’t have worried. This attraction is really cool. For a start, you get to walk inside these big enclosed gardens that are filled with butterflies.
 photo IMG_20150408_153917_zpse8tazkwe.jpg
There are so many butterflies and they brush against you as they fly past or, if you are lucky, even chose to land on your skin or shirt. This is something magical like in a fairy tale. Butterflies here are in all stages of life from fluttering around the leaves to mating and even death (not surprising really given that butterflies live short lives after they come out of their crystalis).
 photo IMG_5457_zpsusg1oqjo.jpg
The park also has a range of reptiles and insects including these scary scorpions.
 photo IMG_5458_zps3v3ui3wc.jpg
And some big crocodile and alligators (yes, they have both). Actually, come to think of it, most of the non-butterfly animals in the park are either dangerous or disgusting. There is a huge collection of snakes (including an aviary where you can walk inside with some mangrove snakes), ugly toads, lizards and spiders. There was also a cage with huge rabbits but I can’t help but wonder whether they are actually being bread as food for the reptiles.
 photo IMG_20150408_153644_zpsufyhkytc.jpg
There’s also a koi fish pond. The fish come swimming quickly towards any person who walks past. I guess they are used to being fed. I was surprised at how quickly they swim, having only seen sluggish koi before. The fish leave a big wake behind them as they race in search of the next mouthful (again, we disappointed the local residents by failing to come prepared with food).
 photo IMG_20150408_153313_zpsooysccod.jpg
But the butterflies remain the stars of the show.

We spent about two hours at the park, taking our time to slowly enjoy all the animals. The only reason we left so soon was because we were both so hungry for lunch (it being after 3pm already).


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