Melaka Bird Sanctuary (Melaka)

Melacca has an almost ridiculous abundance of attractions for tourists. There are museums about almost every nuance of Malaysian life from the history of youth to Islam, from Chinese art to the navy. There are also a plethora of animal parks and amusement parks to choose from. It was difficult to decide what to do. In the end we decided to take a drive out to the Bird Sanctuary.
 photo IMG_5452_zpssrzxjwtz.jpg
The Melaka Bird Sanctuary is situated about twenty minutes drive from the main city area. The website says there is no public transport available but that was okay for us because we a car. The bird sanctuary is essentially a really large aviary. It has pedestrian walkways at ground and tree top level. There are some trees in the aviary but the leaves have been stripped from all that are more than about 1m (3″) tall. While the company’s website claims there are at least 400 species of bird in the aviary, there are probably less than 50 birds in total, a good proportion of which are cockatiels and a small orange and black variety of parrot.
 photo IMG_5442_zpsfxz6uxsx.jpg
However, that’s not to say that it isn’t really nice to be in the aviary with the birds that are there. This cute ring neck kept following us around wherever we went. I don’t know whether it was being friendly or greedy. We didn’t bring any food with us so if it was greedy then it would be disappointed.
 photo IMG_5445_zpsmv53xn30.jpg
I liked these pretty yellow birds that were making out in a tree. Paul spotted them first (he’s much better at noticing things like this than I am). I probably wouldn’t get to see them in the wild.
 photo IMG_20150408_154443_zpsizyrflrw.jpg
All in all the bird sanctuary was a lovely experience. At RM24 ($10) per person it is over priced for what it is so if you are on a tight budget you probably will want to skip it and go to the Butterfly and Reptile Park (see next post) instead. But if you are into birds and want to be close to them, it is worthwhile.
 photo 10418886_1572365183015687_5001468379297390334_n_zpsom3i9x1l.jpg
Oh and of course, they will put the big birds on your shoulders so you can take a photo. I reckon that’s pretty cool (cool enough that I made this my Facebook profile pic).

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